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Brunner's Blog: DC Traffic

You often hear or read around draft time about the hours and hours that NFL scouts log out on the road evaluating college prospects. This fall, get ready for weekly updates as tracks 49ers college scout Todd Brunner in his very own Brunner's Blog. Find out what it's really like out on the road scouring college campuses for the new crop of talent!

I started the week off in Salisbury, Maryland. That's about a three hour drive from my house in Jersey so I headed out Sunday night. I looked at Brian Westbrook's younger brother who is a defensive back and a returner like his brother is. He warrants a look as people will want to know if he'll be anything like his brother.


On Tuesday I headed to Maryland where Vernon is a godlike figure. Everyone was asking about him. They've got quite a few guys, maybe 8 or 9 I needed to take an early look at. Some of them are coming off injuries so they didn't play last year. I'll come back later in the year to see them play some more because otherwise you've got to look at tape from their sophomore years. I watched a little tape during my visit, but basically I was there to get background information, character information and see the guys at practice and what they looked like.

From there I headed to Georgetown which is not just a basketball school. They do play football there. The guys who make it out of IAA have to work a little harder because they have something to prove. It's fun to go to those schools because academics is a big priority and they are really planning for their future. Everyone thinks they can play pro football but they can't. These guys are serious about their futures which hopefully will include football, but they are prepared if it doesn't. They've got a defensive end who if he can play above his potential, he's got a chance to get into an NFL Camp.

The traffic in DC, by the way, is terrible. It's ridiculous. I hate when there's rubber necking and it slows down for no reason. That's annoying, just drive.

I also hit Howard University which is in DC. I looked at a handful of defensive players. In the last two drafts, they've had two corners drafted and they've got another corner there this year and we'll keep a close watch on him.

Then I went to Towson on Thursday which is north of Baltimore, about 20 minutes. They've got a big offensive tackle who projects to be one of the top linemen in the Atlantic 10 Conference. I'll stay here the next couple of nights since I'm going to the Maryland game Saturday night against William and Mary. I caught some other college games on at a sports bar last night so I could see some of the kids in my area that I'll be looking at later this year.

The crab cakes are fabulous in Baltimore so that's my mainstay while I'm here.

My wife is coming up with the kids tonight for a little bit since I won't be returning home until next weekend. All next week I'll be scouting the Virginia area. It's always a good day when you get to see your wife and kids.

I've covered 450 miles this week about, and am just hoping next week my travels are not effected by the hurricane traveling up the coast. That can always make for a difficult time out on the road and I hate to see anything hit like it did last year.

This week I crossed paths with a scout from the Titans and the Bears, so there is life out there! Sometimes you like to be by yourself at a school, but other times it really makes it more enjoyable when you run into other guys.

I'll check in again next week.

Todd Brunner

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