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You often hear or read around draft time about the hours and hours that NFL scouts log out on the road evaluating college prospects. This fall, get ready for weekly updates as tracks 49ers college scout Todd Brunner in his very own Brunner's Blog. Find out what it's really like out on the road scouring college campuses for the new crop of talent!

The first week of fall scouting kicked off this morning for me when I left my house in New Jersey at 5:45AM and hit the road. I enjoyed the time at home but you start getting that itch to go out and see some schools. I like starting slow and going to small schools and get back in the swing first and then build up to hitting the big schools where you'll be looking at 10-15 guys.

I brought all the stuff I can't take on an airplane anymore and threw it my car since there are no restrictions. I've got my cooler with my water and my diet coke, which is my vice and I'm ready to go for the week.

I've been scouting this area for many years so fortunately I know where I'm going and I don't need any maps or anything.

First off, I drove to East Stroudsburg in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It's up in the mountains off of beautiful route 80. They are in two-a-days now so I got there early, watched tape, and then went out to practice. They've got a quarterback there who won the Harlon Hill last year, which is the Division II Player of the Year award. He's 5'9, 175 pounds and he just chucks it all over the place.

My father went there and one of my brothers and my sister all went to school there. In fact, the head coach was there when my brother played so it was nice visiting with the coaching staff. They are a very cordial group. It was a good way to start off my fall scouting. Not all schools are accepting of us when we come in.

I then went over Bloomsburg, PA. I caught their afternoon practice and watched tape. They had a kid who was drafted by the Saints in the 4th round who played left tackle there last year. This year, teams will look at their right tackle. This is his second year playing the offensive line and he's still learning and improving every day. They also have a free safety who is a good looking kid with potential.

I'm going to West Chester, home of former 49ers Lee Woodall and Ralph Tamm, then to Villanova and probably Delaware for the rest of the week. Tonight I'm staying at a spot close to West Chester and I'm on my way there now.

While I drive I tune into ESPN radio so I can hear everything about the NFL. Since we just traded Barlow out this way, I've been able to listen to a lot of what they've said about that, but I like to just keep on things going on around the league.

I had some time before practice started so I started my reports and when I get to the hotel tonight I'll finish them off and then scout around for a good spot to get some dinner and watch the Monday night game.

All in all, I'll have covered 355 miles just for today and two schools which is a wrap for this blog.

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