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Brian Hoyer Finds Familiarity in Kyle Shanahan's Offense

As you probably know by now, Kyle Shanahan and Pierre Garçon spent the 2014 season with the Cleveland Browns. The following season, Shanahan left for an opportunity with the Atlanta Falcons, while Brian Hoyer took the Houston Texans to the Wild Card round of the AFC Playoffs.

Fast forward to 2017, the two have reunited with the San Francisco 49ers and look to pick back up where the duo left off.

The 31-year old quarterback's decision to sign with the 49ers this offseason weighed heavily on the opportunity to work under Shanahan again. Hoyer and the rest of the offense got their first chance to test themselves against the 49ers defense this week during OTAs.

And for Hoyer, some things once learned are not forgotten.

"It's easier to call the plays this time around. I remember last time kind of having to think about it. Whereas now, when I hear Kyle start to call a play, I can put it together," Hoyer said. "It's something I don't really think about anymore. It comes naturally to me."

Since the offseason workout program began in mid-April, the team has been limited to practicing against air. Hoyer's familiarity with Shanahan's offense has proven to be invaluable in getting the rest of the roster up to speed.

View the top images from Tuesday as the 49ers took the field for the second day of organized team activities.

"Thankfully, this is my second go-around. But everybody else it's really their first, other than a few other guys," Hoyer said. "Even for me, being this is my second time, there's still things that I'm always learning about the offense- Why Kyle is calling a play the way he is? Who he's trying to effect on the defense? I think the faster we all get to that point, and we see it the way he sees it, the better it will be for us."

The team will wrap up a total of 10 OTA practices over the next three weeks, finishing off with a mandatory minicamp before heading off for summer break. The team will reconvene at the end of July for the start of training camp. These practices may lack the live contact you'd see during camp, but they do give the offense valuable film to learn from and make adjustments.

"We're in the beginning stages of building a foundation for this offense," Hoyer added. "We've got to start at the bottom (and) learn all of the concepts. And then having played for Kyle before, things were very week–to-week depending on who we playing but you've got to know the base offense before you can get there.

"So, I think that's where we are right now. Just kind of learning that base offense, and then hopefully as these next eight practices go, we keep getting better, and start putting more in and things kind of start to settle down a bit."

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