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Brian Hoyer, 49ers Offense Dialing up the Deep Ball in Training Camp

The San Francisco 49ers offense will not be bashful about chucking the ball downfield in 2017. That much is certain following the first week of training camp.

Each session at the SAP Performance Facility features at least one completion of more than 40 yards. That starts with head coach Kyle Shanahan and the emphasis he puts on the vertical passing game. That mindset is then embodied by San Francisco's quarterbacks, led by starting signal-caller Pierre Garçon.

"I think Kyle has made it pretty apparent that he wants to get big plays," Hoyer said. "So, he's going to call them and it's our job to hit them. You just try to do what's coached to you and depending on what system you're in, that's what you've got to do. I've always loved to throw the ball deep, even going back to high school. Who wouldn't want to?"

Luckily for Hoyer, he has the personnel who can take the top off the defense and get behind a secondary. Marquise Goodwin has been San Francisco's primary contributor of explosive plays. His go-routes and double moves have been devastating, both in 1-on-1 work and full-team drills.

However, it's Goodwin's growing route tree that has impressed Hoyer the most. It's amazing what's possible when a defensive back has the constant concern about Goodwin getting behind him. The fear of Goodwin's world-class speed has allowed the receiver to break off routes and get open without always having to go deep. Such is Goodwin's evolution in becoming a well-rounded playmaker.

"I could tell he'd been working at it," Hoyer said, "and it's paying off for him. I think the good decision he made was to come here, because Kyle knows how to use guys like that. (Marquise is) willing to put the work in, and he's done a great job."

Goodwin isn't the only 49ers wideout who has made plays downfield. Pierre Garçon and Aldrick Robinson have also been regulars on the highlight reel.

San Francisco's passing game ranked dead last in 2016. Additionally, the team's six pass plays of more than 40 yards tied for 26th among NFL teams. Expect those numbers to change for the better this season.

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