Boone Provides 'Dunk Cam' on Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick typically handles his media obligations in a new spot of the locker room every Wednesday.

The 49ers quarterback is even brave enough to lure the media into the corner where the offensive linemen reside.

This week, however, Kaepernick did his press conference out in the open. As a result, the linemen cooked up a prank to get revenge on their quarterback.

Rookie offensive lineman Luke Marquardt had the task of standing behind Kaepernick with a recycle bin. When Kaepernick's press conference was over, Alex Boone, also known as "The Rhino," came charging over toward his quarterback.

Boone leaped up and yelled "Dunk Cam!" as he dunked a mini basketball into the bin held by Marquardt.

Kaepernick started to crack up over the light-hearted prank and shared a few laughs with his linemen shortly after.

Did Boone make the dunk?

"Of course I made it!" the 49ers right guard said emphatically.

Kaepernick razzed his lineman, telling him after the dunk, "You didn't even leave the ground."

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