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Blaine Gabbert Evaluates 5 Playmakers on 49ers Offense

There are several talented playmakers on the San Francisco 49ers offense, many of which will be competing for roster spots and playing time once training camp begins in August.

Last week at minicamp, Blaine Gabbert was asked about several of those skill players. Here are the quarterback's best quotes about some of his teammates. On WR Bruce Ellington:

"He's doing a great job. Going into his third year, he's a veteran in that room now. He knows how to prepare himself day in and day out. It's really carrying over to the field. He's balling out right now. The biggest thing I see from him is that he's enjoying it. He's having fun and he's catching a ton of balls."On RB Pierre Garçon:

"He had some great catches (at minicamp). He's another guy who's put himself in the best position possible. He's going to have a great year for us. He's catching the ball well. It's really tough to see how the run game is with no pads. You don't see that until training camp and preseason games."On WR Eric Rogers:

"He's big, long and rangy. He's really got deceptive speed. You have to bomb it to him if you don't want him to over run it. He's done a tremendous job. He's a guy who you have to utilize in the red zone because he is so tall and has some good vertical leap ability. He's a matchup nightmare."On TE Bruce Miller:

"He's just a ball player. I know that's such a general term, but I think that's the best compliment you can give a player: they get open, they make plays, they do the right thing, they do their job and they help other guys get better. That's what Bruce has done. He's doing a myriad of things, and he's doing a great job."On TE Garrett Celek:

"He's doing a great job. He's a great athlete, and he's smart. He does a great job in the run and pass game. He's a guy we have to utilize. He's a mismatch nightmare on linebackers. You saw that jump from Week 8-on last year. He did a great job, stayed healthy and made some big plays.

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