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Better Late Than Never


Rookie wide receiver Cameron Colvin picked up his degree at Oregon on Saturday and then drove out a U-haul first thing Sunday morning. He arrived in Santa Clara at 5AM, slept for about an hour and then headed in for lifting and his first organized team activity on Monday morning.

"It was tough, not being able to get entrenched here like everyone else," said Colvin.

While studying for finals, Colvin also managed to cram in some time looking over the 49ers playbook.

"I had to take some time to look at it considering how complex the offense is," said Colvin. "Learning on paper is different than actually getting the reps out on the field but I do feel better when it comes to knowing the terminology from studying so much."

As he gets caught up Colvin has been limited mostly to individual work.

"I'm just making sure I know the right routes and basically doing stuff that most of the rookies got to do two weeks ago," said Colvin. "But, better late than never and I'm hoping to get to do something other than watch during the team periods in the next few days."


Allen Rossum is best known for his special team return skills, but he got to show them on defense too on Tuesday when he notched an interception.

For a brief moment, running back DeShaun Foster found himself split out wide and uncovered, but linebacker Jay Moore made it out to the edge in time to slow Foster up some coming off the line. Foster still got to the corner of the end zone to chase down the touchdown throw, but rookie Lewis Baker batted the ball down and prevented the score.

WR Bryant Johnson got the corner to bite on an inside fake and then slid out to the left side of the end zone for a wide open touchdown catch during a redzone period. WR Arnaz Battle and RB Frank Gore also had touchdown catches in the same session.

Practice Front

DT Joe Cohen, LB Manny Lawson, DE Melvin Oliver are still limited to individual work.

Safety Mark Roman remains out of commission after having surgery to clean up his shoulder, as does guard David Baas who was not expected to return until training camp after having surgery to repair his torn pectoral muscle.

Cornerback Shawntae Spencer missed some time in week two of OTAs with a sore quad, and is gone this week for his impending nuptials.

NT Aubrayo Franklin missed practice on Tuesday with a sore calf. T Damane Duckett was also held out due to a sore knee.

CB Walt Harris was present but did not work per a coaching decision based on his veteran status. After participating in the first week of OTAs, WR Isaac Bruce has not taken part in the last week and a half per an agreement with head coach Mike Nolan.

Name to Note

Retired defensive lineman, television and radio sportscastor Tim Ryan visited 49ers headquarters last week to meet with head coach Mike Nolan. Nolan informed media on Tuesday that he's considering hiring Ryan as a coaching intern for training camp.

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