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Because Winner: Richard Bennett


Because…Championships are built one player at a time. Because…Life is good, Football is better Because… I am the home field advantage

Check out the entry from our first winner of our 2007 Because Contest, and be sure to enter yourself into the contest!

I am a 49er Faithful Because...

I've been a fan since I was a teenager, but I've been a faithful fan ever since Bill Walsh brought them to Sierra College for training camp. In the beginning me and my dad would go every weekend to watch them practice. But in 1983 my Dad passed, so I was alone that summer at camp. But when I really thought about it, I wasn't alone at all. I had my team, and I know my dad was watching from above. After Super Bowl 19, I was in heaven with my dad celebrating. That year brought me the birth of my little cheerleader, Megan. She was born a third generation Faithful fan. By the time she was 6 years, the NIners bi-weekly report voted us both into the 1991 all pro Faithful Fan team.

Bill walsh even kicked my butt out of training once for cheering them on, very loudly I must say. I've been interviewed by local news at training camp, because of my unique niner outfit that I created myself. The Marin Independent Journal put my picture in the center of their front page, in color I might add. The caption read a "SIGHT FOR SORE EYES." I've been on the big screen tv at Monster Park twice that I know of. My wife divorced me partly because of spending more quality time being a fan than being her teammate. i could write more but i think you'll get they idea.

Richard Bennett - 9ER FANMANRJB.

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