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Because Winner: James Jensen


Because…Championships are built one player at a time. Because…Life is good, Football is better Because… I am the home field advantage

Check out the entry from our latest winner of our 2007 Because Contest, and be sure to enter yourself into the contest!

I am a 49er Faithful Because...

We were the laughing stock when I was a kid
Just waiting for the players to end their skid

A team up on the "Farm" threw the pigskin around
I wonder if we could get him to come to 49ers town?

A few seasons more they toiled with defeat
Then, what is this we became hard to beat?

One special pass from Montana to Clark
That was all we needed for that special spark

Fans walking around town with their heads held high
Now we had some players and a quarterback so spry

Players and coaches came and went with trades
But Super bowl victories brought us five city parades

Yeah the dynasty is over and victories are tough
But history will show the 49ers were hot stuff

BECAUSE Walsh to Seifert and maybe Nolan some day
These are the reasons, we 49ers fans refuse to sway.

James Jensen

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