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Balmer's Rookie Diary: Spin Move



Rookie Kentwan Balmer continues with his Rookie Diary, sharing with fans what it was like to play in his first ever Monday Night Football contest, and the messes his new puppy has been making. **

I just chilled during my bye weekend, and didn't do too much. I watched some film and just reflected on the first half of the season. I was a bit tempted to go home because you do get homesick, but I'm very lucky because I do feel like these guys around here are my family. They keep my spirits up. So, I just stayed local and avoided having to fly all away across the country.

Playing Arizona on Monday Night Football was exciting. It was an experience I'll never forget. After watching Monday Night Football for so long, to finally get to play in it, just certain emotions come out that you can't explain. I was feeling a lot of things, mostly excitement for the opportunity to play.

Everybody knows the song and we were about to do that, so I was just fired up to get out there and get a chance for our team to show what we could do.

The game started off just as we wanted to it with Allen Rossum taking it all the way back for a touchdown. I was just trying to keep up with Allen. He was pulling away from everybody, but I was trying to get down there to congratulate him in the end zone. That's the way you want to start the game every week. We feel like Allen is like a ticking time bomb out there, ready to explode on a team at any moment, and that's what he did on that return. It was real exciting.

I also got another chance at doing some kickoff returning myself. I'm starting to lose count of how many kicks I've ended up picking up so far this season, but it's been fun. Every time I get the ball it feels like everyone on the sidelines stands up because they are thinking I'm going to fumble. Every time I come to the sideline, I've got Aubrayo Franklin, Joe Staley, Takeo Spikes , and Coach Manusky all telling me to make sure I hold on to the ball and use two hands. Of course, you notice how it's the defensive guys saying stuff to me because they just came off the field, unless it's the opening kickoff of the game or the half. So, you know they don't want to turn around and go right back out there.

But in the past, I kind of fell on the ground. This time, I broke a tackle, and put on a spin move. I think everyone over on the sidelines was a little panicky because they know I'm not used to having the rock all of the time, but it worked out.

Speaking of some excitement, man I almost had a heart attack on the sidelines honestly at the end of the game. It was so exciting and such a thrill. I was proud. Our offense drove down there, they turned the ball over, the defense got the ball back after a three and out and the offense just marched on down the field. It was an exciting finish.

A lot of people had written us off for that game, thought Arizona was going to come in there and just walk over us, but we played inspired football. I was disappointed that we didn't end up pulling it out because that was our mindset. We did play well and that's a step in the right direction, but we expected to win it and were disappointed that we fell short of our goal. It wasn't just about playing well, it was about winning and we didn't get that accomplished.

I was happy that my guy Chilo Rachal got to get in there on offense. I thought he did well out there. He had an opportunity and he did something with it. As a fellow rookie, I'm proud of him, and was pleased to see him get a chance to play.

On Tuesday we had an off day and I relaxed at my place. I actually keep my house clean, but I have had some messes from my puppy. I got a blue pitbull about six weeks ago, and I named him Boss. I always wanted a puppy growing up and right now I've got the financial stability to have one and to give it the care it needs. So, I love my dog. That's my homey. He's peeing all over the place, but that's part of it. He is getting better. When I first got him, he was hell but he's doing better. I'm also getting him K9 trained, so he'll be alright.

I went to a booster club meeting last night. That was pretty fun. I enjoyed their company, and hopefully they enjoyed mine. I think we have great fans. It still surprises me when I get recognized. I was at the movie recently and this guy was like, "hey, aren't you that kid from North Carolina who plays for the 49ers?" It's a little embarrassing just because I don't like to make a big deal of it, but I understand that it's fun for fans and I appreciate their support.

This is a short week and I think we've got to stay mentally focused. I've kind of watched the vets to pick up how best to handle this situation. They've been in the cold tub a bit more and in the sauna taking care of their body given the short turn around, and I'm doing the same thing. Coach Singletary also took care of us today with only an hour long practice.

I think we are all looking forward to an opportunity to put Monday's game behind us and hopefully get a win this Sunday against St. Louis.

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