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Ask A Player: Shaun Hill


Thank you for sending in your questions for quarterback Shaun Hill.  We selected a few and caught up with Hill who was kind enough to give us his answers.

Q: What types of preparation does it take to be a quarterback each day? What kinds of things do you personally believe to help you improve day in and day out? Thank you. – Lange
A: I'd say a lot of film study, then applying what you see on film to your game plan. Obviously taking care of your body is important, because as the season wears on, your body feels worse and worse every week if you don't do the little things to take care of yourself. Mentally, you should have one or two things that you concentrate on improving every day. If you do that every day you're out there, you'll start to see major results.

Q: Hey Shaun, if you could play with any former 49ers wide receiver who would it be? – Robby
A: Jerry Rice.

Q: Shaun, first of all, good job last year, and how do you feel about your chances of becoming the starter this year? As a journeyman quarterback, how do you feel about being the starter? Also what do you think of Josh Morgan and could he become a big-time player in this league? – Best regards, Keith P. Emmitt
A: The quarterback competition will all play out in due time. I just have to concentrate on improving every day and doing the best I can and that will all take care of itself. Yeah, Josh has a lot of skills. He can bring a lot to the receiving corps. He's rangy, he's big, he's strong and has strong hands. I think he has a chance to be a very good receiver in this league. He also has a great work ethic and a great attitude. I don't see any reason why he should be anything less than a great receiver.

Q: A lot of sports writers say you do not have the arm to throw the long pass. What is your position about this? Obviously throughout your college and pro careers you have had to make long throws. Do you think you are being correctly or wrongly evaluated in this aspect of your play? – Rudy
A: I think there are a lot of experts who have wrongly evaluated me, even going back to high school. That's kind of the way it's been for me, which is fine. The so-called experts are wrong a lot.

Q: I don't have a question, it's just a comment: Shaun work your tail off this off season to compete for the starting quarterback position in '09! As a 30-year season-ticket holder and from what I saw last year I believe you do have the skill-set and confidence to lead our team to the next level. GO NINERS! – Gilbert Ramirez
A: Thanks Gilbert, I appreciate it. Thanks for the continued support.

Q: Shaun do you consider yourself the 49ers quarterback of the future? Do you feel more confident in your chemistry with the wide receivers this upcoming season than ever before? – Jason
A: Yeah, I think you have to. That's the way you have to approach it, in order to even come across as a leader in the locker room. I do feel more confident with the receivers. The more work you get with those guys, the better you're going to be. I was able to get a lot of game time work which is even more important. So yeah, I feel very comfortable with our receivers.



Q: Shaun, Please explain why you haven't defended your Parsons High School Indoor Wadded Paper Ball Off-the-Wall Trashcan Basketball Title? Are you "afraid" of the Great Dr. Lou beating you? – Yours truly, Dr. Lou **
A: Well Dr. Lou, it's not that I'm afraid necessarily. I feel like since I'm the reigning Paper Ball Off-The-Wall Indoor Champion of the World that I should be able to play in my home quarters to defend my title. I shouldn't have to go on the road to defend it.

Q: Shaun, What's the learning curve going to be like with the new Offensive Coordinator? – Regards, Greg S. El Paso TX
A: With every coordinator there's going to be some differences. There's going to be a learning curve, but there's a lot of carryover from what we've had in the past. That makes it nice. Jimmy Raye is very thorough when he installs, he doesn't leave any gray area. His door is always open for us if we have any questions. I feel very comfortable that we'll all be on the same page sooner rather than later.

Q: Shaun, I have been very impressed with your play over the past two years. What has been your favorite NFL stadium to play in, or what NFL stadium would you most like to play a game in and why? – Thank you and go Niners! Kyle in San Jose
A: My favorite stadium to play in is at home – the 'Stick. We've had some success at home and I think we have great fans there. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself and jinx us, but we've played well at home.

Q: Shaun, what do you find to be the most difficult aspect of adjusting to and absorbing the varied offenses? Great season, by the way. – RJC
A: The most difficult aspect is when one word in one system means something totally different in another system. Or something sounds very similar to something you've had in another system. I think that's the biggest challenge. Being able to erase your memory of what that word used to mean and apply that to what it means now is the biggest challenge.

Q: Hey Shaun, Let's say it's the 4th quarter...the two minute have the ball deep in your own need a touchdown to win the game....What's going through your mind? Thanks. – John in Houston
A: Get the touchdown at all costs. The most important thing in two-minute offense is a get a first-down. When you do that you're rolling and you have the defense on their heels. You keep attacking, completions are your friend and obviously timeouts are your friend. But you want to keep the defense going backwards, have your offense keep going forward and give yourself a shot.

Q: Will you guys be bringing back the "Stache" next season? - Ed Sanchez
A: Oh, I think we should leave that up to a fan poll! I think people would probably be open to it. I'm considering a mullet – but it takes a lot longer than a 'stache – even for me.

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