Antoine Bethea's 'AB-41' Gear Raises Funds for Charity

If you follow @ABethea41 on Twitter, chances are good that you know all about the "AB-41" movement.

For those who are late to the party, Antoine Bethea is selling merchandise to benefit the "Antoine Bethea Safe Coverage Foundation."

The Niners team MVP of 2014 recently explained how the project came began.

"It was something I kind of fell into it," Bethea said. "The guy who did my web site said he had something special for me, it was the AB-41 logo. So I tried to figure out something good to do with that. I had hats and shirts made and all the proceeds go directly to my foundation. It's a win-win situation."

You can purchase Bethea's AB-41 gear by clicking here.

Bethea's foundation provides access and resources to students who pursue their dreams of a higher education.

Bethea's money-raising logo has popped up in a number of different ways.

See for yourself below:

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