Anquan Boldin on 'Fluke' Season, Colin Kaepernick's Confidence and Upcoming Q-Festival Event

When Anquan Boldin speaks, we all listen.

The veteran San Francisco 49ers wideout gave two noteworthy interviews on Wednesday. The conversations with SiriusXM Radio and ESPN 106.3 in Tampa shed light on several important topics, including his thoughts on his coach and quarterback.

We've transcribed some of the most pertinent quotes from the receiver who is entering his 13th NFL season and third year with the 49ers.

Boldin made the appearances to help promote his Q81 Foundation's upcoming Q-Festival Weekend beginning Friday in Florida.

We'll share Boldin's comments on the charity weekend, as well as his takes on the 2014 season, Colin Kaepernick, Jim Tomsula, Jameis Winston and more.


Based on his comments to ESPN 106.3 FM in Tampa, Boldin is confident in San Francisco's chances of doing damange in 2015.

When asked to finish this sentence: "Last season was..."

Boldin didn't hesitate to say, "a fluke."

The team's leading receiver in 2013 and 2014 stressed that injuries caught up with the 49ers by the end of the 2014 campaign.

"I think we're much better than what our record shows," Boldin said of the 8-8 mark that caused the franchise to miss the postseason for the first time since 2010. "Not to make excuses, but we had a ton of injuries."

Boldin expanded on that sentiment by describing just how depleted San Francisco's defense was at the end of the season.

"I remember playing San Diego towards the end of the year, and didn't know a couple of guys on defense," the wideout said. "Guys made plays and we were like, 'Who is that guy again?'"

Boldin finalized his 2015 outlook by saying this: "This year I think it'll be back to what we're known for."


Kaepernick's training regimen with Kurt Warner, Boldin's former teammate with the Arizona Cardinals, has been a major point of emphasis in offseason media coverage. Boldin didn't comment on Kaepernick's workouts with the Super Bowl MVP. He did, however, share public support of Kaepernick's growth entering his fifth season and third year as San Francisco's starting signal-caller. unearthed some of the best unseen images of the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver from the 2014 season.

"I just think he has to block out everything else around him, stop listening to what people have to say about you, stop listening to what people want to see him do," Boldin said. "Sometimes when you try to go off suggestions of other people, and try to please other people, you forget who you are and what got you there.

"If he goes out and (is) himself, he'll be just fine. That's the thing I try to tell him, 'Go out and be Kap. Don't try to go out and be somebody else because that's what got you to this point.'"

It wasn't that long ago that Boldin competed against Kaepernick in Super Bowl XLVII. Boldin certainly hasn't forgotten it.

"I try to reassure him that's he's good enough to be in the NFL," the veteran said. "I played against him in the Super Bowl, so I know that he's talented enough to be in this league and play well in this league."

Boldin finished his comments on the 49ers quarterback by saying that he wants to see Kaepernick play his brand of football in 2015.

"Sometimes you have to block everything else around you and just go back to being yourself. Trust your skills. Trust the athletic ability that you have and just go for it."

TOMSULA PRAISE Wednesday was not the first time Boldin supported his new head coach. The star receiver backed his head coach.

Boldin continued to share insight as to how the 49ers locker room views their new head coach.

"I've always thought he was very energetic, and very detailed in what he did," Boldin told SiriusXM. "He was a guy who let them play, but he had parameters built in. he communicated very well with the defensive line.

"I think he'll do well as a head coach because he deals with different personalities... That's a characteristic you have to have when you're a head coach."


So what does Boldin, one of the most declorated players in the history of Florida State football, think of Jameis Winston's prospects of going to Tampa Bay with the first overall pick?

Boldin believes it is almost a slam dunk.

"I think everybody would be shocked if he's not the first overall pick," said Boldin, who was a second-round pick out of FSU in 2003. "Tampa Bay seems to be in love with him. They seem to be doing a ton of homework on him, having him around, getting a feel for his personality, so I'd be shocked if he's not the first pick taken."


Boldin will be joined by his NFL friends this weekend for his 11th annual Q-Fest Weekend.

The festitvies include a round of golf at the PGA National Resort, a celebrity basektball game at the Pahokee High School gym and much more.

"When it started out," Boldin said, "it was just me wanting to say, 'Thank you' to my community."

Boldin has done that and much more. He was nominated in 2014 as San Francisco's representative in the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award.

Boldin was also selected as one of three finalists honored at Super Bowl XLIX.

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