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Amy Pro Bowl Diary: Day 2


Wednesday was by far the most rewarding day of my trip so far.

The day started with another early morning wakeup call (with a6:30 a.m. departure) to begin our morning radio show blitz over in South Florida. It was a fun experience to get on the radio and talk about the upcoming Pro Bowl.

I am happy to report I helped Chris of Ft. Lauderdale win front-row tickets to the sold out game on Sunday! All I had to do was quickly name 11, (that's right 11) different dog breeds within 25 seconds.

But that wasn't all I had to do.

I officially got him the tickets by correctly naming the NFC team playing in the Super Bowl (Saints of course!). The DJ from the radio station was a Bay Area native, and although he wouldn't admit it on air, I have a strong feeling he's still a huge 49ers fan!

After our morning radio blitz, we returned to our hotel for a four hour practice to perfect our new routines. Following practice, we headed out in our four lines for my favorite part of the day: our visit to the local Boys & Girls club.

The reason it was so special is because the club staff kept our performance a secret from the students. They had no idea we were backstage waiting to perform two of our routines. They were so surprised and excited that we couldn't hear our music over their cheers.

On Wednesday night, the NFL hosted a beautiful welcome reception overlooking the beach, with talented salsa dancers providing dance lessons and performances for the guests. It was a perfect way to end a great day.

Thanks for reading my Pro Bowl Diary. Stay tuned, I'll have more to read tomorrow, but for now enjoy some photos from my trip below...




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