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Alex Boone Bulks Up for 2013


Maybe it's the new haircut. Or, maybe it's the appearance of a larger upper body.

Whatever the case is, Alex Boone looks bigger this offseason. The San Francisco 49ers starting right guard estimates he's put on 10-15 pounds of muscle.

Boone said it's a result of hard training and healthy eating during his time back home in Ohio.

"I feel like an old vet," the fourth-year pro said on Tuesday, the second day of San Francisco's offseason strength program. "I'm getting older, wiser… I'm becoming the old guy around here."

Boone, 25, enters the 2013 season with an established role on the 49ers offensive line. In previous seasons, the undrafted lineman had to battle for a roster spot and once he made the team, he eventually competed as a swing tackle on the offensive line.

Last year, however, Boone won the competition for the vacant guard spot on the right side of the offensive line and thrived in his first season at the position.

Boone started in all 16 regular season games and in all three of the team's postseason contests.

Entering 2013, Boone continues to showcase the hard-working mindset that allowed him to become a successful contributor to San Francisco's fourth-ranked rushing attack.

It also doesn't hurt that the 6-foot-8 lineman has continued to align himself with a former two-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman, LeCharles Bentley. The retired former offensive lineman for the New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns has served as Boone's mentor throughout his professional career.

While away from the 49ers training facility, Boone continued his offseason training at Bentley's Offensive Line Academy in Avon, Ohio.

Boone, an emerging offensive guard, didn't work on football technique with Bentley. The focus was on adding power so he can neutralize larger defensive linemen in between the tackle box.

In due time, Boone will be focused on blocking fundamentals when the second phase of San Francisco's offseason program involves coaches instructing "football school." That portion of the offseason begins in two weeks.

For Boone, the offseason break was spent on increasing his power to better compete at his newfound home on the offensive line.

"We just lifted weights," Boone said of his time at Bentley's training facility. "It was all training and we didn't really have a lot of time because we went to the Super Bowl."

The starting right guard also enjoyed father duties this offseason. Boone worked out and then spent time with his boy, who he lovingly refers to as, "Johnny Bananas."

"I would wake him up, start the day off right and he made it fun for me this offseason," Boone said.

The 49ers right guard had a productive offseason, including strict dieting. Boone passed up the unhealthy foods he used to consume and was wiser about his calorie intake.

Boone kept the offseason regimen with him throughout his time away and is now enjoying the benefits from his dedication.

"Eating healthy, lifting right and training hard," he summed up. "It was simple stuff."

Boone has felt his weight lifting ability improve his stamina in offseason training already. Now, he's eager to see how it'll improve his golf swing.

Following a Tuesday workout at 49ers headquarters, Boone hustled over to a nearby golf course to swing his golf clubs with fellow teammates. Being back at the facility also allows the offensive guard to continue building bonds with his teammates on the offensive line.

But would the added muscle help him improve his golf game and add length to his shots off the tee box?

"I'm not sure how it will help," Boone joked. "Today will be an indicator of what it's going to be like."

Golf aside, the increased commitment to working out and eating right should only help Boone's day job more so than his hobby.

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