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A Niner Blog, Gailey, Martz on Interview List

!Over on our social networking site,, we have a few official team bloggers including two of our players in Manny Lawson and Marcus Hudson. Below is part of a recent blog from writer Chrissy Mauck...

Names that are circling out there for the next 49ers offensive coordinator include Mike Martz (former Rams head coach and recently fired Lions offensive coordinator), Brian Billick (former Ravens head coach) and Cam Cameron (former Dolphins head coach).

During an interview with KNBR, Nolan affirmed that all three took up space on his list of candidates for the position.

However, so far, only two names have been confirmed as interviewees. I was told officially from our PR department on Friday that Coach Nolan was set to interview Chan Gailey for the role of offensive coordinator with additional word coming down Sunday afternoon that Martz will be interviewed as well.

It's a very cutthroat business we work in. Given the expectations of the team heading into the season and only five wins by season's end, it's no surprise that moves were made and that the offense took the fall after finishing dead last in the NFL. I still believe that Jim Hostler is a very good coach and he'll be successful in this league, but being a first-time coordinator is just not easy. Had he come in three years ago at that position, I think we'd be talking about a different scenario right now.

Anyhow, Hos came by my office on Tuesday afternoon and said goodbye. I really appreciated his help this season with the Coordinators' Corner column. He was extremely kind about making sure to fit me in and I just always appreciated his honestly. I'd usually ask some questions about the previous game and what happened in certain situations and he was always candid about what broke down – whether it was a player missing a block, a poorly thrown pass, or a bad play call. He didn't shy away from accepting responsibility for his own mistakes and for the offense as a whole. I respected that.

I spoke with Norv Turner for about 60 seconds on Saturday night. I shot him a good luck text and he called as was heading into meetings for today's playoff game against the Titans.

I can not believe we are coaching the Senior Bowl again. I think it's absolutely a very big plus for the organization but I was pretty confident that last year would definitely be our last for a while because I was convinced we'd be in the playoffs.

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