9 Notable Players to Suit up for 49ers, Raiders

Many players have worn both the red and gold and the silver and black. Here are some of the best. Can you spot them?

With the San Francisco 49ers facing the Oakland Raiders on Sunday for the first time since 2010, the time is right to review the best players to play for both teams.

Cornerbacks Carlos Rogers and Tarell Brown, who switched sides this season, were just the latest examples of players crossing the bay.

(Rogers was placed on Injured Reserve last week, but the 49ers will see Brown as part of Week 14 action.)

1. Quarterback: Jim Plunkett

San Francisco: 1976-77 | 62.5 passer rating

Oakland/Los Angeles: 1979-86 | 75.7 passer rating

Other QBs: Jeff Garcia and Rick Mirer.


2. Linebacker: Matt Millen

Oakland/Los Angeles: 1980-88 | 127 starts

San Francisco: 1989-90 | 25 starts

LBs:Bill Romanowski and Riki Ellison.


3. Safety: Ronnie Lott

San Francisco:1981-90 | 51 interceptions

Los Angeles: 1991-92 | 9 interceptions

S: Rod Woodson.


4. Running back: Roger Craig

San Francisco: 1983-90 | 7,064 rushing yards

Los Angeles: 1991 | 590 rushing yards

RB:Charlie Garner.

Take a look back at the memorable career of the 49ers Hall of Fame running back who played eight seasons for San Francisco.

5. Wide receiver: Jerry Rice

San Francisco: 1985-2000 | 1,281 catches (176 touchdowns)

Oakland: 2001-2004 | 243 catches (18 touchdowns)

WRs: Randy Moss and Ashley Lelie.

6. Fullback: Tom Rathman

San Francisco:1986-93 | 294 catches

Los Angeles: 1994 | 26 catches

Take a look at the two-time Super Bowl fullback's 22-year playing and coaching career with the San Francisco 49ers.

7. Offensive linemen: Jeremy Newberry

San Francisco: 1999-2005 | 86 starts

Oakland: 2007 | 14 starts

OL:Ron Stone, Kevin Gogan and Barry Sims.


8. Defensive line: Andre Carter

San Francisco: 2001-05 | 32 sacks

Oakland: 2012 | 2.5 sacks

DL:Dana Stubblefield, Ted Washington, Archie Reese and Cedrick Hardman.


9. Cornerback:Nnamdi Asomugha

Oakland:2003-10 | 11 interceptions

San Francisco: 2013

CBs: Shawntae Spencer, Rogers and Brown.


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