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8 Player Updates from Defensive Coordinator Robert Saleh

Robert Saleh was as informative as ever on Wednesday when he met with reporters following practice. The San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator had positive remarks for a number of his players now two weeks into organized teams activities.

Here are updates on some prominent names on San Francisco's defense.

1. DL Arik Armstead

Saleh addressed Armstead's move to the LEO position.

"He moves well. The concern was that he's so big and he doesn't exactly fit the prototype, but he's so athletic. He's so long and he's got a good first step. He just needs to get more comfortable in the things that we're asking him to do physically.

"He looks lean. He's in amazing shape and he looks good out there."

2. CB Rashard Robinson

Robinson appears locked in as the team's starting right cornerback, and he continues to impress at practice.

"He's a dog. I like him. He's made of the right stuff, his attitude, his mindset is unique for a corner.

"He does not want to get beat. Every rep is so important to him. He doesn't care who he's going against. It's a tremendous mindset when you get a guy like Rashard who is so focused on what he's capable of and about him and how he's going to win and the man in front of him has no bearing on what he's about to do."

3. S Eric Reid

We've known that Reid is a bookworm when it comes to understanding defensive schemes for some time now, but Saleh reinforced that sentiment on Wednesday.

"Eric is unbelievable from a mental standpoint. He's very smart, able to absorb a lot of information. He's very long, very athletic. He's strong. He's capable of doing a lot of things down there in the box. I'm excited about Eric and what he's capable of."

4. S Jaquiski Tartt

Tartt has a diverse skill set, but he pencils in as a player who will play a similar role to Reid.

"His strong point is whatever you decide to make it, I guess. JT is very gifted also. We're very fortunate at that strong safety position to have two guys like JT and Eric Reid who are both capable of playing at a high level.

"It's so early in OTAs. But, he's a very talented athlete."

5. LB Reuben Foster

The first-round pick is still limited to team meetings and individual drills, but he's been making the most of those opportunities.

"Well, he goes through all of his meetings. He's very smart. He's absorbing all of the information that we're giving to him, going through whatever walk-thrus we have. He's just not physically cleared to have one-on-one contact so he goes through all of the individual drills and then after practice he's working with (head strength and conditioning coach) Ray Wright to get the conditioning part of it."

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6. LB Aaron Lynch

Lynch continues to show progress and impress the 49ers coaching staff.

"Aaron is working his tail off. I've been impressed with the way he's come out and approached his job. He's doing everything he can to get to a spot where he's well-conditioned and where he can perform at a high level. As we go it'll be exciting to see him work even more in that month we get off to come back for training camp to be where he wants to be."

7. DL Chris Jones

Jones was one of the few free agents from 2016 who was re-signed back in San Francisco. His motor had a lot to do with that decision.

"You can never have enough Chris Jones' on your roster. Guys who just stand for all the right things, work their tail off and who are actually effective at playing football. That was a very easy decision on Chris."

8. Bonus: head coach Kyle Shanahan

Color Saleh impressed by the way Shanahan is able to work with every position group during practice.

"Kyle's awesome. He's everywhere. It's amazing what his mind's capable of and what he absorbs. He's over there running 7-on-7's against the defense and our group install. He's involved. He's involved with the offense. He's involved with special teams. I don't know how he does it, but he does it."

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