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8 Notable Quotes from Colin Kaepernick in Week 12

Colin Kaepernick now has five starts under his belt in 2016. In those games, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback has thrown for 1,144 yards, seven touchdowns and two interceptions with a QB rating of 85.

The seven scores are already more than Kaepernick's five touchdown passes in 2015 (eight starts).

San Francisco's starting signal-caller met with the media on Tuesday ahead of a Week 12 road game against the Miami Dolphins. We've boiled it down to the top eight sound bytes.

1. On his thoughts about staying in Orlando between Week 12 and 13 road games against the Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears, respectively:

"It saves travel time, so in that regard it can be beneficial. It will give you an opportunity to really focus on what we need to get done."

2. On if staying in Orlando is beneficial to team chemistry:

"It gets you kind of back into a training camp mentality where you're in a hotel together kind of isolated and it's just the team. So, there's the opportunity for us to get closer, but I think we already have a very tight knit team."

3. On the mindset of the team despite a 1-9 record:

"We still have an opportunity to win games. That's what we have to stay focused on and take it one week at a time. There is that feeling out there that we're not going to be in the playoffs, but we still have an opportunity to do some good things and build on for next year."

4. On if players are watching extra film in an effort to end the losing streak:

"I think everybody is working hard to make sure we're correcting everything we can to go out and get wins. Every position, every player is trying to knit pick what they're doing to make sure we're getting better each week to give us an opportunity to win."

5. On if Chip Kelly helps keep a positive mindset in the locker room:

"He definitely brings that culture where it's going to take everybody and he talks about that and makes sure that everybody's on the same page, staying focused on the same things as far as going out, trying to correct what we can to make sure we go out and get wins in the future."

6. On what he's thankful for this Thanksgiving:

"Thankful to be alive. Thankful for my woman, my family, people I love."

7. On his development as a quarterback from last season:

"I think it's something that there's a lot of things that play into that. Whether it's the offense, the play that's called, the defense you're going against. So, you really try to be a well-rounded player. For me, that's something I try to stay focused on, being able to balance staying in the pocket, my ability to run and utilizing both of those when necessary."

8. On if he's encouraged to run the football in Kelly's offense:

"There's opportunities within the system we have where there's opportunities to run, there's opportunities to take shots downfield and a lot of that is dictated by the play call and what the defense is doing."

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