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7 Things We Learned from Antoine Bethea Mic'd Up vs. Denver Broncos

*Wednesday's Niners Daily reviews the most recent wiring from the San Francisco 49ers preseason, featuring Pro Bowl safety Antoine Bethea.
The 49ers fell to 1-2 in the preseason after a 19-12 loss to the Denver Broncos, but the regular season dress rehearsal featured several impressive moments for the starting defense.

The team's starting strong safety was definitely in the middle of the action.

Good thing he was wired for sound.

So with that, we give you seven things we learned from Bethea's "Mic'd Up" episode.

1. Bethea's pregame pep talk to his fellow defensive backs is why he's so admired by every cornerback and safety on the roster. "We put a good week of work in," Bethea said as he began the speech. "Finalize it. Sixty minutes, fly around and play our style of ball. Put some good film out there, you know? Everybody knows what to do. It's the third game. Some of us are going to be here, some of us are not. But if you're not here, man, get some money somewhere else, man. Love y'all. Love this group. Let's go."

2. After Glenn Dorsey scooped up and lost control of what appeared to be a Broncos fumble, Bethea gave his defensive lineman a light-hearted rib about the sequence. "I see you, Glenn," Bethea said. "High and tight, high and tight."

3. Kenneth Acker's end-zone interception on Peyton Manning provided another memorable moment for Bethea. The wise veteran chased down the ball as Acker mistakenly threw it up on the air, thinking he was touched down by Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas. The ball was knocked out of bounce for a touchback.

The moment provided an innocent exchange between Acker and Bethea.

"He pushed me down!" Acker said emphatically.

"No, he didn't," Bethea said as he caught his breath.

The topper of the sequence was Eric Reid chiming in, "Don't do that."

Walking off the field, Bethea turned back to Acker and offered encouragement. "Good play, though. Good play."

Marcus Cromartie finished off the moment by telling Acker his mistake was a "Not Top Ten" SportsCenter candidate.

4. Secondary coach Tim Lewis recognized Bethea on the sideline for his "really smart" play. The veteran coach reminded Acker that players have to be down by contact in the NFL, a rule that is different than the college game. "That's a great learning experience, isn't it?" Lewis asked Acker with a smile on his face. "Know what I mean? Just chalk it up."

5. Lewis later offered a clever nickname for the 49ers safety duo of Jimmie Ward and Jaquiski Tartt. The defensive backs coach called the high school teammates out of Alabama, "The Mobile Flash," when linebacker Shayne Skov asked which safeties would be playing behind him.

6. When Bethea was removed from the game, the 10th-year pro offered encouragement and tips from the sideline. Bethea's advice was not limited to fellow defenders. He even reached out to rookie tight end Blake Bell. "You're a big dude, yo," Bethea began. "Lower your shoulders a little bit."

7. Bethea's wiring ended with an embrace with a former teammate, Manning. The two former Indianapolis Colts and Super Bowl XLI Champions shared a nice exchange after the game. Manning asked Bethea to take a picture together. "For sho'," Bethea replied.

"I'll send it to you," Manning told the 49ers safety after the picture was snapped.

"Good luck to you, baby," Bethea said back to Manning as they shared a final handshake.

"You, too," Manning replied.

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