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5 Updates from 49ers GM John Lynch and HC Kyle Shanahan

Training camp opened on Thursday with a press conference from the brain trust leading the San Francisco 49ers into the 2017 NFL season. General manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan met with reporters for a half an hour to discuss some of the top storylines facing the team over the next month.

Here are five notable updates from San Francisco's new regime, beginning with an unsigned first-rounder.

1. Status of Solomon

Third-overall pick Solomon Thomas remains without a deal ahead of Friday's first practice. Lynch assessed the situation and shared where things stand.

"We're still working on that," the GM said. "There have been a lot of productive conversations over the last couple days. We're hopeful that we can get this done in the necessary time. I'm aware from my experience as a player that in the business of football, deadlines typically get this done. We're drawing close to that.

"I'm concerned right now. I wish this were done. It should be done. … I'm learning that this is part of the business. I'm encouraged and I'm hopeful that it can get done. We've got a couple of hours."

2. Suit Up

The 49ers will have two unpadded practices before gearing up on Sunday in full pads. Shanahan identified blitz pick-up drills and 1-on-1 pass-rush drills as two things he's eager to see during those sessions.

There will never be any "live" snaps during camp. However, Shanahan promised that each padded practice will allow defenders to "thud up" ball-carriers and do everything but take them to the ground.

"There are sometimes guys during OTAs who you feel are your best guys. Then when you put the pads on it looks a little bit different."

3. Bright Lights

Most players and coaches will argue that training camp practices hold more value than preseason games. Shanahan shared that there's still plenty to glean from exhibition contests, including breaking ties when it comes to final roster spots.

"Preseason games are to find out who the game isn't too big for," the coach said. "A lot of guys can look real good in practice, and then when you get into the game it's a different story. There is always a guy who you think is ready to play in the NFL, and then in a game when there's a little pressure, you realize he's a practice squad player. Those are the types of things you can't always find in practice."

4. Decisions, Decisions

Shanahan envisions that there will be a number of tough choices ahead when determining who makes the final 53-man roster.

"Your goal as a personnel department is to have to cut a guy who you know can play in the NFL," Shanahan said. "I feel like we're in a position where we have some depth at some spots. We're going to have some tough decisions to make. It's a very good problem to have."**

View the headshots of the 90-man roster at the start of 49ers Training Camp presented by SAP.

  1. "Ferrari Foster"**

Reuben Foster has been cleared for full participation in training camp – padded practices included. Lynch explained that the linebacker is eager to be let loose. 

"He's got an excitement that's infectious," Lynch said. "He's an alpha dog. He wants to lead. He's ready, he's eager, and we're certainly excited to watch him play."

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