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5 Things to Know: 49ers California License Plate


49ers Faithful across California can soon show their pride to the rest of the country with the new 49ers specialty license plates. Here's everything you need to know about reserving your unique plate:

What are 49ers CA Specialty License Plates?

The California San Francisco 49ers specialty license plate is a license plate that when you order one with the Department of Motor Vehicles, a portion of your yearly registration fees are donated to the associated charity or cause. This plate is soon to be available for 49ers Faithful to have on their autos, commercial vehicles, trailers and motorcycles with your help.

Proceeds Beneficiary

Proceeds from each plate benefit the 49ers Foundation, the nonprofit of the San Francisco 49ers, and the California Natural Resources Agency. The 49ers Foundation utilizes football as a catalyst for education and empowerment among Bay Area youth through STEAM education initiatives, nationally recognized youth football programs and strategic community partnerships. The California Natural Resources Agency is dedicated to restoring, protecting and managing the state's natural, historical and cultural resources. Their mission involves creative approaches and solutions based on science, collaboration and respect for all communities and interests involved.

First Sports Team in California

The 49ers Foundation showed off the first-ever San Francisco 49ers license plate that will be available once the Department of Motor Vehicles receives 7,500 deposits by May 2024. The 49ers are seeking to be the first professional sports team in California to have a sports specialty license plate.

How to Reserve Yours

  1. Go to 
  2. Choose your preferred plate type (Sequential $103 or Personalized $50 ) for auto, truck, trailer or motorcycle
  3. Answer questions about your registered California vehicle
  4. Place a deposit on your selected 49ers license plate
  5. Spread the word to fellow 49ers Faithful to encourage them to reserve their plate

Tell More Faithful!

By reserving a 49ers license plate, you not only express your unwavering loyalty to the team but also contribute to meaningful causes. Make a statement on the road, support your team and contribute to essential community initiatives by reserving your 49ers license plate now! Then tell your friend to do the same. Let's unite as 49ers Faithful and drive positive change together.

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