49ers Unveil the Faithful Flag

SBL Members received a special gift Wednesday night. Here's a closer look at the brand new Faithful Flag

The 15,000-plus SBL members on hand at Levi's® Stadium walked away with the latest swag released by the San Francisco 49ers. In addition to watching practice and enjoying a firework display, everyone in attendance took hom the brand new Faithful Flag. To those SBL Members not in attendance, watch your mailboxes in the coming days.

The 49ers released images of the flag via social media Wednesday night that included an Instagram takeover that featured a three-by-three image of the flag.

"A symbol that represents generations of 49ers tradition. Stake your claim & show us how you fly your #FaithfulFlag," read the tweet posted via the 49ers official account. The tweet spread quickly, being retweeted over three hundred times and receiving nearly 400 favorites.

If you follow the 49ers Snapchat "@officialsf49ers," you may remember a sneak peak for the Faithful Flag prototype that was taken around San Francisco by the team's rookies during their tour of the city. If you missed it, all the more reason to make sure you're connected to the 49ers on all social platforms. You never know what might be leaked next.

As for how to get your own Faithful Flag, you'll simply have to stay tuned because currently the flag isn't for purchase.

The Faithful Flag cannot be bought, only earned.

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