49ers Training Camp Officially Opens

The San Francisco 49ers arrived at the SAP Performance Facility for the start of 2014 training camp.

We're finally here. The San Francisco 49ers training camp opened for business on Wednesday morning, and we couldn't imagine starting this edition of Niners Daily with anything else.

Here's this week's schedule for the die-hards among you:

Wednesday: Veterans report 
Thursday: First full-squad practice
Friday: Practice
Saturday: First padded practice 
Sunday: Practice

And, in case you missed it, here are our positional previews:

**Players Arrive


Veterans Report... on Twitter

Back to work... Day ☝️ — Cøøl Runnings™ (@morrisCODE_tr3) July 23, 2014

Great day hanging with the fam. Now it's time for camp. — Andy Lee (@AndyLee4) July 23, 2014

My wife flies out tomorrow and we start camp tomorrow. Last movie night opportunity. I need some help! Give me an incredible movie title! — Vance Coman McDonald (@VMcDonald89) July 23, 2014

Being underrated keeps me working extra hard, bcuz people over look the greatest for some superstars — Quinton Patton (@PattonBoy_11) July 22, 2014

Training camp will mold our Def! Draft us early with @YahooFantasy and start the #SmackTalk http://t.co/CCI0369cos — Joe Staley (@PatrickWillis52) July 22, 2014

Back to Cali #TrainingCamp — Ryan Seymour (@SEYMONSTER62) July 22, 2014

NFL training camp #17, here I come. My math : somewhere around 500 nights of my life in a hotel room with curfew/bed check. — Phil Dawson (@phildawson4) July 22, 2014

Art for Stevie

@StevieJohnson13 Happy B-Day 13! #HBHF #HiMom pic.twitter.com/faUD0UZfZx — Capt. OTM (@CaptOTM) July 22, 2014

"@LiLSpAtzY5: Happy birthday! @StevieJohnson13 #FlyGuy pic.twitter.com/QctXskIrCp" — HiMom. (@StevieJohnson13) July 22, 2014

Around the NFL

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The Vault

The 49ers opened their Santa Clara training camp facility, now known as the SAP Performance Facility, in 1988. Our own Michael Zagaris snapped this historic shot.


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