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49ers to Execute a Twitter First


The San Francisco 49ers today announced supermodel/actress Marisa Miller and Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala will participate in the first-ever Dual Twitter Takeover of the team's official Twitter Account, @49ers. During the first quarter of the 49ers nationally televised preseason matchup with the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, August 25th, which airs on NBC's Sunday Night Football starting at 5:00 pm PST, Miller and Iguodala will be simultaneously running the team's official Twitter account from various vantage points at the stadium, offering their unique perspectives of the game and interacting with fans. Written content, videos, and pictures delivered through the 49ers official Twitter handle will provide a rich experience for existing and new followers alike.

Fans can interact with Miller (@marisamiller) and Iguodala (@andre) during the takeover by replying to @49ers or one of their tweets, which will be designated with (-MM) or (-AI9). At the completion of the first quarter, fans will be asked to vote for their favorite Takeover Host.

"The 49ers have an extremely passionate fan base, which is very active on social media," said Scott Kegley, 49ers digital media manager. "Marisa and Andre are both 49ers fans and we wanted our fans to be able to watch the game right along with them, sharing their emotion and enthusiasm."

Stay tuned. @49ers will have a special guest this Sunday... — San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) August 22, 2013

Can we guess? RT @49ers: Make that TWO special guests for Sunday's game. Any guesses? — Golden St. Warriors (@warriors) August 22, 2013

@49ers #sundayatthestick — Marisa Miller (@marisamiller) August 22, 2013

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