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49ers Sign Stash as 'Invest In Yourself' Sponsor

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To help the Faithful invest in themselves ahead of the upcoming season, the 49ers announced a new multi-year partnership with fintech pioneer Stash as the personal investing sponsor for the San Francisco 49ers. Stash is an industry-leading subscription platform that helps middle class Americans to invest in themselves and build wealth.

Together, the organizations will bring the Stash app and its hands-on, immersive financial literacy programming, Stash101, to Bay Area adults and students, both through existing initiatives and new activations, which will be unveiled throughout the season. This first-of-its-kind programming includes free financial seminars, educational competitions for fans with participation from 49ers players, and virtual classes that teach the fundamentals of investing. The money skills training will be incorporated into the curriculum of the STEAM education field trips for Bay Area K-8 students hosted by the 49ers at Levi's® Stadium.

"By introducing Stash to millions of 49ers fans, we are proud to be able to continue connecting our community to the tools they need to thrive, no matter their background or life experience," said Brent Schoeb, 49ers Chief Revenue Officer. "Whether you're an NFL star or a longtime member of the Faithful, everyone deserves access to tools and advice that can enable them to invest in themselves for a more secure future."

Stash is coming off a banner year that includes a $125M fundraise, 100% revenue growth, and the acquisition of an immersive financial education technology platform for parents, teachers, and kids (now called Stash101). To date, more than 6M Americans choose Stash,1 using the company's personalized products and tools to start their financial journey, regularly invest, and help grow their wealth over time.

The 49ers are similarly focused on long-term commitments to empower individuals and help build a more equitable world. Through the franchise's ongoing community impact efforts and the related initiatives of the 49ers Foundation – celebrating its 30th anniversary and more than $50M of overall investment in the community this year – the organization remains focused on supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion and encouraging personal health across the Bay Area. Both the 49ers and Stash recognize the power of diligence and long-term commitment for meaningful change.

"San Francisco is an amazing sports city with so much activity and life. Unfortunately, we also know that the wealth gap in the Bay Area is a significant issue that needs to be addressed," says Cedric Davis, Sr. Director Strategy & Development of Stash. "At Stash, we're proud to do our part to ensure that 49ers fans know and understand that there are affordable and accessible products and tools that can help them grow their wealth and see a brighter future."

Earlier this summer, Stash launched Stash101 Summer School, a four-week program in Portland, Oregon that focused on the essential elements of financial topics like investing. Participating students doubled their correct answers to an exam in just four weeks.


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2 Stash offers three plans, starting at just $1/month. For more information on each plan, visit our pricing page.
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