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49ers Select RB Hunter


With the No. 115 overall pick in the fourth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, the 49ers selected Oklahoma State running back Kendall Hunter.

The two-time consensus All-American running back was a finalist for the 2010 Doak Walker Award, an honor given to the nation's best running back.

In 27 starts in the Big-12 conference, Hunter rushed 708 times for 4,181 yards (5.9 yards per carry) and 37 touchdowns. At 5-foot-7, 199 pounds, Hunter gives the 49ers offense a change of pace runner to compliment the styles of Frank Gore and Anthony Dixon.

Last season, Hunter rushed 271 times for 1,548 yards with 16 rushing touchdowns. He caught 20 passes for 101 yards as well.

Here's Hunter's conference call transcript from his conversation with the Bay Area media:

On the kind of impression he got when he came out and visited the 49ers and whether he thought they were going to be a legitimate option for him:"Yes, sir. I was just happy to be around a great environment like that, how they run things over there and their running backs coach taught me a lot, just being in the room with him, the 10-15 minutes that I was."

On whether it was disappointing that he had to wait until today to be selected:"I would have to say yes. God has a plan for all of us and I'm happy with where I'm at now. I'm going to take advantage of it."

On what he knows about the 49ers:"That they are rebuilding. It's a good program and they have a great coaching staff there."

On what his role will be with the team:"Yes, sir. Just to come in and help out. Whatever he needs to me to do, I'm going to take full advantage of it and make sure I do."

On what he can learn from a guy like RB Frank Gore:"The sky is the limit because he's a Pro Bowl running back and he knows everything you possibly could know to help the team get back to where it needs to be."

On the injuries he was dealing with his junior year:"I had a little stress fracture, so it was a waiting process because I was out for two or three games."



On where the stress fracture was:**"My ankle."

On whether he has a plate in his ankle:"Yes, sir."
On whether that has any effect on him when he runs:"It hasn't bothered me since high school, my senior year."

On which ankle it is:"My right ankle."

On whether it had an effect on where he was taken:"I have no idea. I feel like I can run better. I ran fast at my pro day. That's the reason I'm at today."

On whether he played special teams at Oklahoma State:"I did kick returns at Oklahoma State."

On whether he is a change of pace back or an every down back:"I just have to work my way up and do whatever the coach needs me to do at this time."

On whether he comes in with a chip on his shoulder because a lot of teams passed him by:"I always have a chip on my shoulder ever since I started playing the game. People doubted me that I can't do this or that, size and stuff like that. I play every game with a chip on my shoulder. I use it as motivation."

On him falling asleep before games:"I've been doing it since I was a kid, a little 10 minute nap before every game and just relax. When I wake up after the 10 minute period, I'm just ready to play."

On his comparisons to RB Barry Sanders:"People are calling me all the time and saying that, but I feel like I bring my own style to the game. It's good."

On how much he weighs:"200."
On whether that is where he played last season:"Yes, sir. I started out at about 202, 203 last year when I first started the season."

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