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49ers Select RB Dixon


With the No. 173 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the 49ers have selected Mississippi State running back Anthony Dixon.

Dixon was excited to join the 49ers, read his comments to the media in his conference call transcript.

On whether he was surprised to hear from the 49ers:"I was hoping for this because I'm a 49er fan with [WR] Jerry Rice and those guys. This is my favorite team. You ask anybody that'll talk to you and they'll tell you that. I'm so happy right now I don't know what to do."

On what he did all last night when he didn't go in the first two days:"I was just trying to be patient, just knowing my chance would come. I knew from visiting with all the teams, what they thought of me and I knew somebody would take a chance on me. I'm just trying to be patient, trying to be cool, like I was telling my family and everybody else, and it just came true."

On whether he expected to be drafted higher because of the resume he put together:"I definitely felt that I had first round talent and all that. I was just hoping that somebody would give me an opportunity. Me coming from where I came from, being homeless, I just need an opportunity. If I haven't shown them that I'm a first round talent, then I am going to play like it when I get there. I'm just excited and I'm going to do whatever they ask and I'm ready to get to work."

On his background:"I'm from Jackson, Mississippi. I grew up with my four brothers and my mom. We struggled a lot, like I just told you, we went homeless twice and it's been an uphill fight ever since then. Ever since I was about 10 or 11, I've been fighting and trying to provide for my family and my brothers, and I guess it's just finally coming true. I'm just happy right now. It's been tough. I've been in Jackson all my life, Mississippi all my life, so California is a nice switch up. I can't wait."



On his game:**"Very physical. I embrace the contact. I enjoy contact. I love to practice. I just love the game of football. It's all I want to do - just play football. That's my game. I feel like I can catch. I feel like I can be an every down back for them. I'm coming in now trying to assume my role."

On whether he is the oldest of his four brothers:"Yes sir, I'm the oldest and I've got one of my brothers under me, he already plays for the Oakland A's organization, so both of us are in California."

On what his brother's name is:"Rashun Dixon."

On where he is right now:"I think its Kane County is who he's playing for. I think it's a low-A team."

On how familiar he is with RBs Frank Gore and Glen Coffee:"I watch and study these guys. The 49ers are my favorite team. It's a dream come true. Every time these guys come on TV, I try my best to watch them. You ask anybody who knows me, I've been preaching 49ers for years. This is a dream come true."

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