49ers Select Coach Golden Anderson as Coach of


Golden Anderson's Carmel Padres remain golden as they improved their record to 7-0 against the Marina Vikings. The Padres put an impressive 328 points on the board in their first seven games of the season, sixty-two against Marina's twenty in a battle by the Monterey Bay. Scoring forty-eight of their points in the first half, it was apparent that Coach Anderson would lead his team to their seventh straight victory of the 2013 season.

Junior quarterback Connor Marden went 13-16, passing for 276 yards. Running back Holden Smith accounted for 120 yards on just twelve carries, in addition to 69 yards receiving. Smith's five touchdowns combined with the three scored by Marden were enough to secure the win for the Padres. The dynamic duo has been essential to Anderson's undefeated record. Marden has currently accumulated 1,569 passing yards with thirteen touchdowns, in addition to his 552 yards rushing for five touchdowns. His partner-in-crime, Holden Smith has recorded 814 yards and fifteen touchdowns. Together they play as a driving force, guaranteeing the Padres a spot in the playoffs.

Defensively, Carmel's linebacker Robby Treadwell and senior Shane Lackey continue to lead the team to prevent their opponents from closing the gap on the scoreboard. Lackey with sixty tackles on the season thus far, has forced five fumbles while Treadwell has noted thirty-two tackles and five sacks—all in just seven games.

It is obvious that Anderson's coaching morale has taken a positive effect on his players. The Padres have become a team full of workhorses stampeding their way to playoffs. However, for Anderson it is what his team takes from the field and applies off the field that means the most.

"I want our student athletes to learn the values of hard work, discipline, and the ability to handle adversity all while having fun," reflected Coach Anderson, "Those aspects define our goals—the x's and o's of the game take care of themselves."

In Anderson's five years as head coach, the Carmel Padres have remained undefeated in the Mission Trail League. Motivated by the support of his family and the sheer mission to do better for his team, he hopes to finish the season with a division title and a team full of better men due to their time spent on the Carmel High School football team.

"I will do my best to provide the best experience possible for the young men in our program," said Anderson, "To do that I have to be the hardest working person, and that is what continues to motivate me."

In addition to being named Coach of the Week, the Carmel High School football program will receive $1,000 from the 49ers Foundation.  Coach Anderson will also be featured in a KRON 4 interview with Gary Radnich, receive two tickets to a 49ers home game where he will be recognized on the field before the game, as well as an article on 49ers.com.  In the weeks leading up to the on-field recognition, Anderson will be invited to visit the 49ers training facility in Santa Clara to watch a private practice and receive a certificate from 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.

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