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49ers Select Coach Dan Brown as Coach of the Week


Wilcox charged through a 42-7 victory over the Los Gatos Wildcats in a league matchup under the stadium lights. Scoring two touchdowns in the first quarter, the Chargers made their presence known early in the game. Running back Delshawn Mitchell ran forty-nine yards to put six points on the board, followed by a strong kick to put Wilcox up 7-0. Not soon after, wide receiver and defensive back Alex Ortiz scored on a sixty-five yard punt return. The Wildcats managed to score one touchdown on the Chargers' dominating defense, but for the remainder of the game it was all Wilcox football.

"We played with confidence and explosive intensity throughout the game," said an enthusiastic Wilcox head coach, Dan Brown.

Mitchell did not slow down in the third quarter as he recorded a sixty-four yard touchdown run. Quarterback Kenny Dipko ran for a score, giving the Chargers a twenty-one point lead over the Wildcats. With linebacker Sione Finefeuiaki and standout defensive lineman Jimmy Leatiota leading the defense, Wilcox created five Los Gatos turnovers, which put the Chargers in the driver's seat through the final quarter. Dipko got a fifty-three yard and a twenty-seven yard touchdown run in the fourth and kicker Robert Bowles continued to make the extra kicks, giving Anderson's team a sure victory.

Charger pride was obvious among the team after the sweet victory. The feelings of humble pride and excitement corresponded perfectly with the team's motto "CP/TNT" or Charger Pride/Today Not Tomorrow. After nearly seventeen years of coaching, Brown knows the importance of focusing on the present to achieve one's goals of tomorrow.  Growing up with four brothers, Brown used to play football and strategically arrange cutout mock-players to create plays as a child. It was obvious from a young age that Brown would grow to become a successful player, teammate, and coach.

"I had a collection of little paper cutouts from magazines and books," said Brown, recalling his childhood years in the Oak Grove neighborhood, "I had ten teams that I would color with felt pens, then line up as if they were scrimmaging each other. That was my idea of fun as a kid."

The fun will continue for Brown and his Wilcox Chargers as they seek a position in the playoffs. The Chargers will face cross-town rivals Santa Clara and Saratoga before embarking on the quest for the title. In addition to being named Coach of the Week, Dan Brown and the Wilcox High School football program will receive $1,000 from the 49ers Foundation.  Coach Brown will also be featured in a KRON 4 interview with Gary Radnich, receive two tickets to a 49ers home game where he will be recognized on the field before the game, as well as an article on  In the weeks leading up to the on-field recognition, Brown will be invited to visit the 49ers training facility in Santa Clara to watch a private practice and receive a certificate from 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.

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