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49ers Select CB Holcomb


The 49ers selected Florida A&M cornerback Curtis Holcomb with the 250th overall selection in the seventh round.

Holcomb played in 45 games for the Rattlers, registering 12 carreer interceptions. In 2010,  the 5-foot-10, 190-pound cornerback was named second-team All-MEAC, totaling three interceptions as a senior.

For more on Holcomb, read his conference call transcript:

On his best skill as a cornerback:"I think I can bring a lot to the table when it comes to cornerback. It may be a shutdown corner, just an all-around type guy. I can make open-field tackles, actually I think that's my best thing. I can tackle well. But, I also like to get my hands on the ball and I think, I believe that I'm an overall good cornerback. I can play wherever the coaches need me to play."

On whether he was anxious about the idea of not getting drafted, particularly with the pending labor situation in the NFL:"Yeah, I think every player who hasn't gotten drafted was thinking the same thing. So, I couldn't say I wasn't, of course I was. But I'm just glad that the 49ers decided to take me and I just thank coaches and all of the organization for taking a chance on a guy like me."

On his interaction with the 49ers in recent weeks:"I had a workout, a personal workout with guys and (secondary) coach (Ed) Donatell called me about two or three days ago saying he really loves me. He wants to get me out there. He wants to take me and he's going to talk to the coaches and everything for me and everything, talk to everybody and try to get me out there and I just thank the whole organization once again for taking a chance on a guy like me."

On what he means by the organization taking a chance on a guy like him:"I'm just saying, it's getting close to the end and most, as you know, small school guys, they go free agents and stuff like that. But I really feel like I put in a lot of work over the last four years and I deserve to be a draft pick and I just thank God and the organization for taking the chance with drafting me because I really believe that I was worth a draft pick."

On how well he knows cornerback Leroy Vann:"He was my teammate for the past three years. Great guy, great kid. I think he's in Canada right now playing but he was my teammate for the past three years. Me and him have a close relationship."

On whether he ever talked to Vann about his brief experience with the 49ers:"I talked to him a few times. I didn't talk to him like that because I knew he was in training camp and stuff like that so I didn't want to bother him. But he was like, 'It's an experience out there in California. It's a lot of fun, just like it is in Florida.' So, I guess I'm going to get used to it."

On where he is right now:"I'm actually in Tallahassee right now, Tallahassee."

On whether he is a cornerback all the way:"Yes sir. I can play everything. I know I can play special teams; as a matter of fact I played on three out of four special teams. I'm a cornerback, a special teams guy, an overall complete football player."

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