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49ers Season Ticket Member Seat Relocation 

1. Please begin the relocation process by logging into your 49ers Season Ticket Account at If you need to reset your password, click 'Forgot Password to have a reset link sent to you.

2. After logging in, you will see the Seat Relocation Program welcome screen as shown below. Click 'Relocate Now' to start. If your button shows as "Relocate Soon, " your appointment time has not started yet, and you will need to log in at or after your appointment time to go any further.

step 2

3. Select the seat block you would like to relocate, by clicking 'Upgrade Seats' (you may have one or more seat locations you wish to relocate). Please note, that each seat block below indicates the Season Ticket Price per seat as well as the corresponding SBL price per seat.

step 3

4. The 'Next' button will illuminate once a seat block is selected.

step 4

5. Below is the map of Levi's Stadium with the section numbers indicating available inventory.


a. You can click on individual sections on the map to expand.

b. Seats in green are available to relocate to.

c. Click on seats to view both the Season Ticket Price and SBL price of the desired seat location.


6. You can click on 'View Available Section' in the top right corner to sort available seats by price.


7. Once you select a seat location you can view the season ticket price (left tab) and SBL price (right tab) at the bottom right.

step 7 -1
step 7 -2

8. You can compare sightline views and prices for up to 3 sets of seats at once by clicking 'Compare Seats'.

image 8

9. Once you have found your new seats, click the cart then 'Continue'.

step 9

10. Once you've decided on seats to relocate to, review your new seat selection in your shopping cart

  • Review the SBL price by clicking on the SBL map on the blue 'here' link above the outline of your pending exchange.
  • Then click 'Checkout'.
step 10

11. Select Contact Method 'REP EMAIL (free)'

  • We will contact you via the primary email on your account regarding your seat relocation.

12. Answer the question acknowledging the SBL costs for new seats. Click Submit to continue.


13. Choose Confirm a Credit Card (you will not be charged anything at checkout) and payment for your new season tickets will be deferred to a later agreed-upon date. If you are currently on our 49ers Monthly Membership Payment Plan, your plan will be adjusted automatically following confirmation and completion of your relocation.


14. Enter the card number and billing address

  • Click 'Save'.

15. Review selections and click the Terms and Conditions checkbox

  • Click 'Pay Today'.
step 15
  1. Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your relocation for your 49ers Season Tickets.
step 16
  1. Here is a sample email that all members will receive after checkout.