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49ers React to Steph Curry's Game-tying Three

The Warriors take a 3-0 series lead; Steph Curry proves he's still not from planet Earth. Friday's Niners Daily examines the instant reaction from the San Francisco 49ers roster.


The Golden State Warriors continue to wow spectators while in the hunt for an NBA title. The team's first-round series against the New Orleans Pelicans has verified they're the league's most exciting team. Until Game 3 Thursday night, the Warriors had never won a game - in the regular season or playoffs - where they were down 20 points going into the fourth quarter. They owned a record of 0-356 in such situations. The Warriors are now 1-356, thanks in large part to another super-human effort from point guard Stephen Curry.

With the Dubs down three with 9.6 seconds to go, Curry went full Human-Torch mode.

The game-tying three forced overtime, where the Warriors prevailed 123-119 to take a 3-0 series lead against the Pelicans. Curry finished with 40 points, five boards and nine assists.

Back to the heroics, Curry's circus-three had a degree of difficulty equivalent to finishing six saltine crackers in 60 seconds – impossible for the average human; trivial for Curry.

With the social media world exploding, 49ers players joined the conversation to pay their respects to Curry on Twitter. You'll remember the players did the same thing when Curry destroyed the ankles of Chris Paul with a nasty crossover a few weeks back.

Chef Curry with the shot boi!!!!!!!!! Wow! — Aaron Lynch (@lynchmobb59) April 24, 2015

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