49ers React to Bay Area Earthquake

*A magnitude 6.0 earthquake shook Northern California early Sunday morning. In the aftermath, Niners Daily and the rest of the 49ers have Napa Valley and anyone else affected in our thoughts. 



Hours before the San Francisco 49ers hosted the San Diego Chargers on Sunday afternoon, players and coaches were jarred from their sleep when a large earthquake rattled the team's hotel. Here are a few reactions following the startling moments.

got rocked to sleep last night; 6.0 #Earthquake. Northern Ca. Hope all is well tho. Stay optimistic. — HiMom. (@StevieJohnson13) August 24, 2014

So I guess when I felt my bed moving in reverse las night I wasn't dreaming??? If you not in the bay you won't understand — LaMichael James (@LaMichaelJames) August 24, 2014

Getting woken up in the middle of the night from an Earthquake  #imfrommiamibruh — Keith Reaser (@KeithReaser3) August 24, 2014

So I wasn't dreaming when it felt like my bed was moving — Nick Moody (@Moody54TMB) August 24, 2014

My first Californian earth quake this morn!! Felt like I was being rocked to sleep! — Jewel Hampton (@JewelHamp) August 24, 2014

Experienced my first earthquake at about 3:45 this morning. 6.1 magnitude. Not cool California. Not cool. — Dillon Farrell (@dillonfarrell) August 24, 2014

We would like to extend our best wishes to all of our neighbors, family and friends affected by this morning's earthquake. — San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) August 24, 2014

Breakout Ready

Back at full strength following what was essentially a redshirt rookie campagin to rehab a torn ACL he suffered in college, 49ers defensive tackle Garrett Celek has appeared poised to take the NFL by storm this year. The second-round NFL Draft pick in 2013 has racked up 13 tackles and a sack in the preseason so far, forcing the national media to take notice. 

Mike Tanier of Sports On Earth included Carradine on his "Who's Next" list, writing that the up-and-comer "is a nasty quickness-power package with the ability to complement – and one day replace – Justin Smith as the Niners' best penetrator on their 3-4 line."

Tanier added that if Carradine stays healthy, the 49ers will be rewarded for their patience. 

Red-zone Defense

Midway through the first quarter on Sunday, with the game still locked in a scoreless tie, the Chargers began a drive at the 49ers 14-yard line after a Colin Kaepernick fumble. Three plays later, San Diego lined up on 4th-and-1 and handed the ball to Ryan Mathews, who ran around his left tackle, aiming for the first down marker. 

Before the tailback could reach the line of scrimmage, however, he was met with force by 49ers linebackers Michael Wilhoite and Joe Staley, stopping the play in its tracks and giving the offense the ball back. Preseason game or not, the stop offered a momentum shift and built some confidence between the two players as they begin their final preparations for the regular season. 

"It felt good because honestly in my head we had played that play a couple times in practice and (NaVorro Bowman) kept telling me to play a little different and shoot the gap," Wilhoite said. "I did and so it felt good. And not only for me to make it, but to make it with Pat, it was even better because I've seen him and Bow make so many plays together in the past two years. It just felt good to share that excitement and share that play whether it had been Pat or Bow, but especially with Pat."

Added Willis, "It's easy to communicate with Mike... so when things get hectic or things get a little crazy, we can talk to one another and we can play whichever spot that calls for in the moment."

The Vault

The 49ers serve an active role in the Bay Area community when others are in need. Here's a look back at the team's work off of the field last year.

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