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49ers Pregame Q&A with Lindsey Stirling

The 49ers open the season on "Monday Night Football" against the Los Angeles Rams. Prior to the opener, violinist Lindsey Stirling will play a pregame concert and perform the National Anthem. Get to know Lindsey in this Q&A.

Q: How did you get your start in music?

A: I tried the more traditional rout of trying to get a label, or an agent or a manager but everywhere I went no one was interested. They said there was no market for what I was doing. Then I started putting videos on YouTube and they quickly started racking up views. It turns out that being outside the box is actually a good thing.

Q: What was your reaction when the 49ers reached out about performing at Levi's® Stadium?

A: I was so excited! Not only was this a huge opportunity, but it was a very special. My best friend passed away this last fall, and he was a HUGE 49ers fan. So when I was asked to play, I immediately knew he set this up. It was just another sign that he's my guardian angel now, and he's going to be beaming with pride as I play for his team.

Q: What do you have planned for your pregame performance on Monday night?

A: We are working with the drum line and the 49ers Gold Rush cheerleaders to make the show one of a kind and very specific for the game.

Q: How can the 49ers Faithful follow your work?

A: It can be found at Linseystomp on YouTube and @lindseystirling on Twitter and Instragram.

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