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49ers Players React to 2016 Season, Changes at Head Coach and GM

Between Sunday night following a Week 17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks and Monday afternoon during move out day, several San Francisco 49ers players met with the media to recap a disappointing 2-14 season.

Each player was asked about what went wrong in 2016. Reporters also inquired about the locker room sentiment regarding Jed York's decision to make changes at head coach and general manager.

Below are some of the top sound bites from well-respected veterans on the roster.

Joe Staley on the disappointment of a 2-14 season:

"The situation we're in is unfortunate, and it's frustrating. Those are my thoughts on it. You go through the whole entire season, and obviously it's not the kind of season we want to have here. Things are going to be different next year. We've got to move forward, and we know that things have got to change around here."

Staley on what needs to change going into 2017:

"There's got to be more accountability in the meeting rooms and on the field. Those are things that I, being a veteran player and being the oldest guy on this team, that I have to focus in on this offseason and do a better job of being a leader and being more vocal. That's out of my comfort zone a little bit, but it's something that I can focus on and help this football team."

NaVorro Bowman on the changes at head coach and general manager:

"You have to be a professional and understand that that's a part of this lifestyle. Whoever comes in or whatever happens, guys that are here to play for the 49ers understand that and go out and represent well."

Bowman on the progress of his torn Achilles:

"I've started running in a pool, but I'm not yet full speed on the field. It's looking good."

Torrey Smith on his belief in York:

"I know Jed wants to get it right. He's going to continue to take a lot of heat because there's been changes a few years in a row. But you know how much this franchise means to him and how much he wants to be successful.

Phil Dawson on the state of the team:

"You're never as good as you think you are, and you're never as bad as you think you are. I trust the decision makers to do what they need to do."

Jeremy Kerley on how the players fought all they way until the end of the season:

"You could have had guys who gave up or call it in, but everybody handled it in a professional matter."

Kerley on his reaction to York's meeting with the team on Monday morning:

"The one thing I take from it is that they want to build a winning environment here. I respect everything that's happened."

Kerley on if he wants to re-sign with the 49ers as a free agent this offseason:

"I definitely want to be here next year. We just have to see what happens and see who comes in here." 

Quinton Dial on the 2-14 season:

"It's definitely disappointing. We never wanted this to happen. We work so hard day in and day out. I feel like we've got the right guys in here, we've just got to consistently be on the same page. Once we get on the same page we'll be alright."

Dial on what needs to change going into 2017:

"I think everybody in the locker room needs to be accountable for themselves and for the man next to them. That starts with the leaders. We need to do a better job of that come next season in OTAs. We need to be on the younger guys and ourselves as well so this doesn't happen again because it's not a good feeling."

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