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49ers Make a Move in NFC Standings Following Week 14 Results

After a nail-biting overtime victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, the San Francisco 49ers have allowed themselves some breathing room in the NFC Wild Card race.

The 49ers opened the day occupying the seventh seed in the NFC. With the Washington Football Team (6-7) falling to the Dallas Cowboys (9-4) in the earlier window of Sunday's slate, the 49ers moved to the sixth seed in the postseason race.

With an improved record of 7-6, the 49ers are the only NFC team with a record of one game above .500, putting them behind the 9-4 Los Angeles Rams, who dropped the Arizona Cardinals from the top-seed to the the third seed in the NFC following Monday night's victory.

The Rams, who the 49ers have beaten once and will face again in Week 18, now have a three-game lead over San Francisco for the fifth spot in the NFC's current seeding.

Left on San Francisco's slate are the 6-7 Atlanta Falcons, 9-4 Tennessee Titans, 2-11 Houston Texans and Rams.

Here's a full look at the NFC standings at the conclusion of Week 14 games.

Table inside Article
Seed Team Record
1 Green Bay Packers 10-3
2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-3
3 Arizona Cardinals 10-3
4 Dallas Cowboys 9-4
5 Los Angeles Rams 9-4
6 San Francisco 49ers 7-6
7 Washington Football Team 6-7
-- Philadelphia Eagles 6-7
-- Minnesota Vikings 6-7
-- Atlanta Falcons 6-7
-- New Orleans Saints 6-7
-- Carolina Panthers 5-8
-- Seattle Seahawks 5-8
-- Chicago Bears 4-9
-- New York Giants 4-9

* teams have yet to play in Week 14.