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49ers/Jets Quarter Highlights


The 49ers tried an on-side kick to start off the game, but the Jets were ready for it and caught it at the 49ers 46-yardline.

Tight end Dustin Keller dropped Brett Favre's 3rd and 2 pass, forcing a Jets punt that bounced into the end zone.

Following a short 2-yard pickup by Frank Gore, the 49ers got a first down from a defensive holding penalty on a downfield throw to Isaac Bruce. Gore picked up 7 yards and then 2 yards to set up a 3rd and 1 at the 49ers 37-yardline. Quarterback Shaun Hill used play action to get the ball to Bruce for a 15-yard gain just across midfield into Jets territory. Gore gained five yards on the ground, but on 2nd and 5, Hill underthrew his pass to Michael Robinson. Bruce proved to be money again on a 3rd and 5 play, coming up with a 9-yard reception. The Jets sent a blitz, but Hill immediately fired a slant pass to Bryant Johnson for a 9-yard gain. Needing just a yard on a 2nd and 1 play at the Jets 26, Robinson headed up the gut but Kris Jenkins popped the ball out which was recovered by Calvin Pace at the 17-yardline.

The defense again came up with a three and out series with Parys Haralson and Walt Harris getting into the Jets backfield to stop Thomas Jones on a 3rd and 1 and force a punt.

Wide receiver Arnaz Battle muffed the punt, but was bailed out by cornerback Reggie Smith, who recovered the fumble at the 24-yardline.

Gore's 3-yard first down ru, was followed by a 15-yard pass play from Hill to Delanie Walker. A screen pass to Gore gained another six yards, with Hill then hitting Bruce for an 11-yard completion and a first down at the Jets 41. A delayed handoff to Gore lost two yards, but Hill hit Dominique Zeigler in stride on a slant. Zeigler found wide open space in the middle of the field for a 31-yard play. B. Johnson picked up 5 yards on the next play, but came off limping. Hill then hit Jason Hill around the 2-yardline. He fumbled fighting to get into the end zone, but Joe Staley recovered for the touchdown. The 8-play, 76-yard scoring drive ended with 2:16 left in the first quarter.

An 8-yard completion to Chansi Stuckey on a 2nd and 5 play earned the Jets their first, first down of the game. Favre aired out a 60-yard throw, but Tarell Brown had the coverage on Jerricho Cotchery to cause an incompletion. On 3rd and 9, Favre got the ball to Stuckey, but Donald Strickland got him down immediately, just shy of the first down as the quarter came to an end.


Battle caught the punt and was immediately dragged down by a few Jets defenders at the 14-yardline. Gore had wide open space out to his right for a 12-yard gain to instantly move the chains. Following a 5-yard carry, Gore was tagged in the backfield by Pace for a 2-yard loss. On 3rd and 7, Hill tried to squeeze the ball into Bruce, but he was well covered by Drew Coleman, who got his hand in to knock down the pass.

Andy Lee's punt took a backwards bounce and was pinned down at the Jets 39-yardline.

Aubrayo Franklin came up with back to back tackles to set up a 3rd and 4, but Favre got it to Stuckey, who shook off a stop by Strickland for a 24-yard pickup. Jones gained 9 yards on a pass play, and then another 2 yards on the ground for a first down at the 49ers 20. A 5-yard pass play to Leon Washington was followed up by a hard run up the middle by Jones for a first down at the 7-yardline. Jones hit a hole out to his right to get down to the 2-yardline for a 2nd and goal. Favre rolled out to his right and then scrambled for the 2-yard touchdown to even the game with 7:17 to go in the quarter. The 9-play drive covered 61 yards.

Walker fumbled at the end of his kickoff return, but the ball went out of bounds at the 26-yardline. Hill dumped a short throw to Gore, who was quickly dropped for only a 3-yard gain. Hill threw a pass behind Walker, who got a hand on it, but couldn't haul in the catch. On 3rd and 7, Hill scrambled for the first down yardage. Gore gained six yards on two run plays, setting up a 3rd and 4 play. Hill hit Bruce, who had Darrelle Revis hanging on his back to stop him shy of the first down marker at the 48. The 49ers opted to go for it on 4th and 1 with Gore punching it across the marker with a 3-yard run, thanks to a good block from tight end Sean Ryan out to his left. Tight end Vernon Davis was well covered but made a 20-yard catch in traffic at the Jets 30-yardline. Hill was taken down for a sack back at the 40 for a 10-yard loss, leading to a 2nd and 20 after the two-minute warning. Hill had plenty of time to throw, and eventually found Zeigler for a 13-yard reception at the 27-yardline. On 3rd and 7, Hill went back to Bruce, who got some great run after the catch yards to get down to the 8-yardline for a 19-yard pickup. A holding call on Dwight Lowery, who was in coverage of Hill gave the 49ers a first down at the 4. A throw to Bruce in the corner of the end zone was beyond his grasp. Forced to throw it away, Hill then faced a 3rd and goal from the 4. Hill dropped back and swung the ball out to his right to Gore, who high stepped his way into the end zone for a 4-yard touchdown and a 14-7 49ers lead with 46 seconds left in the half. The 14-play drive covered 74 yards.

The Jets got the ball once more, but got nowhere as the first half came to a close.


**Two 5-yard runs by Gore to start the game earned a first down for the 49ers, but Gore was injured and had to be helped off the field by the training staff. After being looked at briefly in the bench area, Gore was carted off the field.

DeShaun Foster was stopped by the ankle for only a 1-yard run, and was followed by a deep shot to Johnson that was overthrown. On 3rd and 9, Hill's pass to Hill was short.

The Jets were called for holding on the ensuing punt return, starting them off at the 8-yardline. A short throw to Washington counted for only 3 yards with Walt Harris closing quickly for the stop. A deep shot downfield was well covered, leading to a 3rd and 7. The Jets were called for holding, but the 49ers declined the penalty as Joe Staley had stopped Washington a yard shy of the first down.

Battle dodged a few tackles to gain four yards on the punt return, setting the offense up at their 34.

Foster's first down carry gained only 3 yards, followed by a 2-yard pickup to set up a 3rd and 5. Hill got the ball to Davis, who was quickly brought down by Lowery about a half yard shy of the marker. The 49ers went for it on 4th and 1 at their 49, and had five handed to them when Kris Jenkins crossed the line for an enchroachment penalty. Johnson caught a 9-yard pass to set up a 2nd and 1 at the Jets 43. Foster fumbled on the play, but David Baas was there to recover, counting for a 4-yard pickup. Following a 4-yard carry by Robinson over left tackle, Hill was picked off by David Bowens, who returned the ball 52 yards to the 49ers 45-yardline.

The Jets needed only 4 plays to reach the end zone, on a 17-yard run by Thomas Jones that was set up by a 15-yard completion from Favre to tight end Chris Baker. The 4-play, 45-yard drive tied the game with 5:24 left in the third quarter.

Robinson got the kickoff out to the 39-yardline, but a holding penalty negated a S. Hill scramble to put the 49ers back at their 29 with a 1st and 20. Foster dodged one defender to avoid a loss on a screen pass, and eventually turned it into an 8-yard pickup. On 2nd and 12, Hill found Johnson for a 17-yard completion into Jets territory. Another 6-yard reception by Johnson was followed by a 6-yard run by Foster to move the chains. A defensive holding call on Jenkins gave the 49ers 5 yards, but the offense then got a holding call against Staley on the following play, which negated a 28-yard touchdown pass to Walker. Backed to their 38 with a 1st and 20, Hill was then sacked, but for no gain. On 2nd and 20, Hill avoided a corner blitz and got the ball to J. Hill for an 11-yard pickup. On 3rd and 9, Hill hit Bruce, who had room to run for a 13-yard gain to end the quarter.


Three straight incompletions brought on Joe Nedney for a 32-yard field goal with 14:44 left in the game to put the 49ers up 17-14.

Instead of a 99-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Leon Washington, the Jets offense had to start out at their 30-yardline due to a holding penalty on the return.

Another holding call lost 10 yards for the Jets, backing up Favre and crew to their own 20. Franklin snuffed out a short throw to Jones for a loss of one, followed by an incompletion downfield to Coles. On 3rd and 21, Favre threw a short pass to Washington who was stopped
after 9 yards by Haralson.

Battle got 19 yards on his punt return to get the offense out to their own 49 with 12:40 left in the game.

A 5-yard Foster run was followed up by a 2-yard carry, setting up a 3rd and 3 play that went to J. Hill for 13-yard gain down to the Jets 31. Foster got only a yard on his 1st and 10 carry, but on 2nd and 9, a screen pass to Robinson counted for a 13-yard pickup and a first down at the Jets 17. A short throw to Billy Bajema gained another 5 yards, marking his first catch of the season. Foster headed into a pile for no gain on second down, bringing up a key 3rd and 5 at the Jets 12 that Hill again converted with a short throw to J. Hill that he turned into a 9-yard gain. Foster got two yards on the ground, but Hill then fired one in the end zone to Johnson for a 3-yard touchdown, capping off the 10-play, 51-yard drive. The touchdown gave the 49ers a 10-point margin with 6:12 left in the game.

Brad Smith attempted to pitch it back to Leon Washington on the kickoff return, but the ball sailed past Washington, who chased it down back at his 1-yardline before he was gang tackled by the 49ers.

Roderick Green and Parys Haralson finished off Favre with a sack on a 3rd and 7 play to force a quick three and out for the Jets, and a punt.

Battle called for a fair catch at the 50.

A 4-yard run by Foster set up a 2nd and 6 that was changed to 2nd and 11 after a false start by Staley. Foster was then stopped for a 2-yard loss. On 3rd and 13, Hill hit Davis for a 5-yard play. An illegal formation penalty was declined, leading to a Lee punt.

Favre took over with 2:28 remaining, and earned his team a must-have first down on a 4th and 3 play with a 9-yard completion to Keller at the two minute warning. Favre then aired one up deep but Walt Harris picked him off at the 7-yardline.

The 49ers offense was held to a three and out, giving the Jets one more shot.

Haralson sacked Favre on a 3rd and 10 play, leading to a 4th and 12 play. Justin Smith again sacked Favre, although there were 12 men on the field. The Jets opted to decline the penalty, ending the game.

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