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49ers Brass Says Trey Lance is 'Everything We Thought He Was and More'

While representing the 49ers organization at the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, John Lynch spoke highly of Trey Lance while discussing the rookie quarterback's transition into the NFL.

"Trey is someone we're really excited about," Lynch said in Wednesday's press conference.

For those on the outside looking into what's happening in San Francisco, it can be difficult to notice Lance's skill and development in his limited game snaps since being selected third overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. Lance participated in a total of six regular season games (two starts) where he completed 41 passes for 603 yards and five touchdowns. But a lot of his development this last season came behind the scenes.

"We put a lot into Trey Lance and we're loving the development of Trey," Lynch said on Good Morning Football​​. "I think Kyle (Shanahan) did a great job of finding ways to develop (Lance) without playing a ton of football on Sundays. The fact that he got some action and got to go get a taste of it was great and I loved watching him get better in those games."

One of the keys to Lance's growth throughout the season was the help and guidance of Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo was once in a similar situation when he stood as a backup to Tom Brady while in New England, and he aided the rookie in his NFL transition despite the competition for the starting role.

"The class that (Garoppolo) treated Trey with and in terms of helping him and his development says volumes about who he is," Lynch said. "I'll forever be grateful for that because he didn't have to do that, a lot of people don't do that. He did and still competed his tail off and held on. So it was impressive."

Lance continued to shock his team with "wow moments" during practices. The quarterback performed mostly on scout team where he would mimic the playing style of upcoming opponents and was often pushed to attempt unconventional and challenging passes, catching the attention of his coaching staff.

However, it's more than his physical skills that have developed over the course of the 2021 season. Lynch believes Lance's emotional intelligence matured fashionably as well.

"He can handle a lot and he's just got that makeup that the great ones do," Lynch said. "He's gonna get his chance to go show that ... He's everything we thought he was when we traded a lot to go get him – and more. I really believe that. There's a ton of excitement. Of course there's some unknown, there always is in this game. But Trey is made of the right stuff both talent wise and in his spirit. Who he is, the intangibles, guys like playing for him, guys like being around him and we're certainly excited to see what he can do."

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