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49ers Foundation Introduces 49ers EDU and 49ers PREP

The 49ers Foundation is proud to introduce new changes to two of its award-winning programs.

The 49ers youth football program, which has seen continuous growth and success, is now known as 49ers PREP presented by U.S. Bank. The industry-leading 49ers STEAM education program is now 49ers EDU. Both renowned programs foster the 49ers Foundation's mission of educating and empowering Bay Area youth.

"Our commitment to helping educate and empower Bay Area youth is stronger than ever," said Justin Prettyman, Executive Director of the 49ers Foundation. "The realignment of the 49ers Foundation's charitable programs will allow 49ers EDU and 49ers PREP to provide greater resources to more kids."

49ers PREP presented by U.S. Bank continues to impact physical fitness, and health and safety for youth around the Bay Area. The program provides free non-contact activities for both boys and girls as well as additional programs surrounding youth football players, parents, and coaches with the aim of creating young, healthy leaders on and off the field. 49ers PREP's principal objective is to teach more children teamwork, goal-setting, and how to live a healthy lifestyle in a fun, safe, and educational environment.

"Under 49ers PREP, the organization's longstanding commitment to teaching transferable life skills through sports and physical education is brought to Bay Area youth," said Jared Muela,  Director of 49ers PREP. "Each year, tens of thousands of young people participate in our programs focusing on health and safety, character development, empowerment, leadership, and living a healthy, active lifestyle. 49ers PREP is excited to deepen the impact established by the 49ers youth football program and bring even more free programming to youth across the Bay Area community."

Supported by Chevron, 49ers EDU serves 60,000 participants each year with its field trip program, family learning series, and professional development platform for Bay Area teachers. 49ers EDU enhances the student experience to reflect current concepts that support classroom learning. Student-centered, technologically-rich STEAM learning experiences  apply real-world thinking that goes beyond textbooks and traditional lessons.

"49ers EDU is a paradigm-changing approach to providing educational opportunities for our community," said Jesse Lovejoy, Director of 49ers EDU. "There is nothing like our program in the world of professional sports. The lifetime commitment of the York family to impact the quality of education in the Bay Area allows us to reach students, teachers and families with impactful, standards-aligned experiences to inspire lifetime learning."

The San Francisco 49ers have been providing youth football and education-based programming to the community for over 25 years. These programs have helped hundreds of thousands of Bay Area kids engage with the game of football and the 49ers organization. Their eyes are opened to how football connects to life, school and their futures.

For more information on 49ers EDU, 49ers PREP and the 49ers Foundation, head to Twitter and follow @49ersCommunity.

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