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49ers Celebrate Touchdowns for Kids Program


There is no question the 49ers had an amazing 2011 season, and with the help of Touchdowns for Kids, there certainly was even more of a reason to celebrate the on-field success.

Through the Taube Family Foundation and Koret Foundation's *Touchdowns for Kids *program, each 49ers touchdown, field goal, interception, or sack resulted in contributions toward improving the lives of local youth. Nearly $200,000 was raised over the course of the season, which with the help of the 49ers Foundation, was donated equally among six preselected Bay Area charitable organizations that support underserved youth.

On Monday, March 12, 49ers team owner John York and members of the 49ers Foundation joined Tad Taube of the Taube Family Foundation, the Koret Foundation and TFK sponsors, including the Sobrato Foundation, Cassidy/Turley and The Friend Family, at a celebratory luncheon commemorating the success of the program's first season.

Silicon Valley philanthropic leaders and representatives from the six beneficiaries, including 49ers Academy, Bayview Hunters Point YMCA, Eastside College Preparatory Academy, East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring Project, Fresh Lifelines for Youth, and the Ronald McDonald House, were also at the gathering to receive their grant donation.

"We really appreciate the possibility that was created by *Touchdowns for Kids *to support six great organizations," said Tad Taube, mastermind behind TFK. "We need to make our youngsters aware of their possibilities, their goals and their responsibilities in society, and today, that's an ever-increasing problem. So, one of the things that is a real focal point of TFK is the focus on organizations that serve our young generations, children who need a leg up and who need a role model because they are our future."

Guests enjoyed each other's company as they recapped the unforgettable season and the impact it made on the community beneficiaries. Gina Fromer, Executive Director at Bayview Hunters Point YMCA, described TFK's unique aspect of engagement and its ability to be leveraged with other opportunities to make money.

"With the excitement of the season, it was just so amazing and engaging. Everyone from board members to kids and their families were making sure to watch every game, rooting for every defensive sack, or touchdown," Fromer said. "It was great because the money is going toward their youth program and again, it was engaging in all aspects, beyond the donor, beyond the funder—engaging the direct recipient of the dollars is incredible."

And with TFK's flawless rookie-year performance, it's only natural to bring it back for season 2012.

"Tad Taube and John York have confirmed that we will be hosting the program again in 2012, which is phenomenal," said Joanne Pasternack, Executive Director of Community Relations/49ers Foundation. "We've been thrilled to be able to honor the beneficiaries who have been a part of it this year, but we want to increase the reach,  so, we have decided to  get the word out there and give people an opportunity to tell us why they think they'd make a great fit for the *Touchdowns for Kids *program."

TFK will be seeking its beneficiaries for the 2012 season through an open, online application process.

"Next season, it's really a matter of taking what we've already built and adding to it. So, we're not starting deep in the end zone, but with a pretty good running start—maybe at the 30 or 40-yard line," said Taube. "I hope it makes it possible for us to continue to raise a lot of money and the other part of the challenge is finding the right organizations to be the recipients of that kind of benefit."

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