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49ers/Bills Quarter Highlights


The 49ers opened the game with the ball, starting out at the 28-yardline after a return by tight end Delanie Walker.

Frank Gore picked up eight yards on his first two carries and then converted a 3rd and 2 with a sweep to the left on a 4-yard gain, earning the 49ers their first, first down of the game. On 2nd and 8, Chilo Rachal pancaked his man, but there weren't any other blocks out to his right as Gore was stopped for a loss of one, leading to a 3rd and 9 which Shaun Hill converted on with a 16-yard pass over the middle to Bryant Johnson. The 49ers used play-action to take a shot down the field to Billy Bajema but Hill overthrew his target. A 3-yard run by Gore set up a 3rd and 7 play at the Buffalo 41 that was converted with a 15-yard Hill throw to Jason Hill at the Buffalo 26-yardline. Two Gore runs set up a 3rd and 4 that was made longer by a false start on Vernon Davis. On 3rd and 9, the Bills rushed five but Hill stayed in the pocket and found Isaac Bruce. Bruce's man slipped, allowing the receiver to get to the 8-yardline for an 18-yard play. Gore lost almost four yards on a first down run play, but Hill found a wide open Bruce for the 11-yard touchdown and the 49ers 7-0 lead with 6:51 left in the quarter. The 13-play drive covered 72 yards, including four third down conversions and ate up 8:09 off the clock.

The Bills offense started off at their 25-yardline and picked up a first down with a Trent Edwards pass to Lee Evans for 11 yards on a 3rd and 7 down. RB Marshawn Lynch then converted on a 3rd and 1 play with a 3-yard run. Good pressure on two straight passing downs resulted in incomplete throws by Trent Edwards, forcing a punt that went out of bounds at the 23-yardline.

Gore got nowhere on first down, but then caught a short pass over the middle for an 8-yard gain. On 3rd and 2, Hill threw for B. Johnson. The pass was incomplete, but Leodis McKelvin got called for holding to give the 49ers a first down at the 37.McKelvin did make a solid stop on a 2-yard sweep play by Gore. An incompletion set up a 3rd and 8 play that Hill picked up only 7 yards with a pass along the 49ers sidelines to Jason Hill.

Andy Lee hung up a 41-yard punt that was fair caught by Roscoe Parrish at the 12-yardline.
Fred Jackson had a 28-yard run around left end that was wiped out due to holding. A 4-yard run by Lynch ended the first quarter of play.


Edwards got the yards he needed on a 3rd and 5 play with a 6-yard pass to tight end Derek Schouman. Facing another 3rd and 7 from his own 38, Edwards found an open Evans along the 49ers sidelines for an 8-yard gain and a first down at their own 46. The 49ers sniffed out a first down run play, but then gave up an easy completion to Evans for a first down inside of 49ers territory at the 41. Edwards went right back to Evans for a 22-yard completion down to the 19. Lynch took the next handoff and was stopped immediately by Ray McDonald for a loss of a yard. On 2nd and 11, Lynch took a direct snap and handed off to Roscoe Parrish on an end around. Nate Clements got him down just inches shy of the first down, but Edwards picked it up with a quarterback sneak, setting the Bills up with a first and goal from the 7. Jackson took the handoff and headed up the middle, picking up about 5 yards to the 2-yardline. Kentwan Balmer tipped Edwards pass to force an incompletion, leading to a 3rd and goal from the 2. Joe Staley forced Edwards out of the pocket and towards the sidelines where he threw an incompletion. Rian Lindell missed his 20-yard field goal when the ball curved, hit the left upright and bounced out.

Two runs by Gore set up a 3rd and 2 that Hill converted with a short slant pass to J. Hill that the receiver managed to take for 20 yards before they got him down. A 2-yard run by Gore got the 49ers just inside of Bills territory, but was followed by a drop by tight end Sean Ryan. On 3rd and 7, Hill was sacked by Ryan Denney for a loss of 6.

Parrish made an ill-advised catch of Lee's punt at the 1-yardline and was brought down at the 7 with 4:22 left in the game

Lynch gave his unit some breathing room with an 11-yard run on 1st and 10. The center snapped the ball before Edwards was ready, and was then tackled for no gain. Lynch dropped Edwards pass, leading to a 3rd and 10. Edwards had some pressure coming and threw a low pass that bounced at Lynch's feet, forcing a Bills punt that traveled only 29 yards.

With 2:39 left in the half, the 49ers started off at the Bills 47. A swing pass to Gore picked up 5 yards and was followed by an incomplete shovel pass to Gore as Hill had pressure coming up the middle, bringing the game to the two-minute warning. On 3rd and 5, Hill had Dominique Zeigler for what would have been a first down just outside of the 20, but it slipped right through his hands.

Lee put up a rugby style punt that was fair caught at the 21.

Edwards opted to scramble when he couldn't find a receiver down field, gaining two yards before Roderick Green took him down. Edwards then hit Evans on a slant for a 12-yard pick up, but Buffalo was then called for a false start and a ten-second runoff, pushing them back to their own 30 with a 1st and 15 with 48 seconds left in the half. Following an incompletion, Edwards handed off to Lynch on a draw play. He picked up some nice yards, but Patrick Willis got a hand in to knock out the ball, which was recovered by Mark Roman at the 41-yardline with 34 seconds left.

Hill threw a short pass to J. Hill along the 49ers sidelines, who got out of bounds with a 7-yard gain. Hill then tossed up a deep ball to Zeigler, but Terrence McGee had good position and broke up the pass. Hill was forced to scramble, picking up only a yard to the 33. The 49ers brought on Joe Nedney for a 50-yard field goal with 16 seconds left on the clock.

With 11 seconds after the field goal, Nedney tried a squib kick that hit one of the front line guys that was covered up at the 49ers 48-yardline with 9 seconds left in the half.

Edwards released the ball as he was being hit by Roderick Green on an incompletion. With four seconds remaining, Edwards escaped pressure and threw a shorter pass to Josh Reed that picked up 24 yards as time expired in the half.


**JP Losman replaced Trent Edwards at the start of the second half as the Bills starter has a groin injury.

Leodis McKelvin opened up the half with a 37-yard kickoff return, with Lynch dragging 49ers defenders with him on the first offensive play of the half on a 19-yard gain into 49ers territory. On 3rd and 11, Losman fumbled the snap and then enjoyed a decent scramble, but a holding call backed the Bills to a 3rd and 21 situation. Losman's pass to Evans picked up only 10 and the Bills had to punt.

Clements fielded the punt and took it out of bounds at the 13-yardline.

Gore picked up two yards on first down, but Billy Bajema was then called for a false start. On 2nd and 13, Gore headed up the middle and fumbled, but recovered his own ball, setting up a 3rd and 8. Hill avoided a safety by throwing it away in the end zone, leaving Lee to punt from his own end zone.

Lee's 57-yard punt was returned 13 yards by Parrish, setting the Bills up at their own 44 with 10:53 to go in the third quarter.

Lynch charged up the middle, blew right by safety Michael Lewis and gained 50 yards on the ground beforeTakeo Spikes got him down at the 9-yardline. Safety Mark Roman came free on a blitz to put a hit on Lynch in the backfield, who was then finished off by Lewis for a 3-yard loss. A completion to Evans gained 8 yards, and set up a 3rd and 4 play that was broken up by Donald Strickland in the end zone. Lindell's 22-yard field goal got the Bills on the board with 8:54 to go in the quarter.

Bruce started off the next drive for the 49ers with a 19-yard reception at midfield. Hill's next pass was batted down at the line of scrimmage. A 7-yard pickup by Bruce set up a 3rd and 3 at the Bills 43, which Hill converted with a short throw to J. Hill. Vernon Davis caught a great touchdown, but he was penalized for pushing off, backing the 49ers to their own 47 with a 1st and 20. A short throw to Gore counted for 9 yards, but was followed by a throw outside to Johnson who was cutting back inside. On 3rd and 11, Hill had pressure coming and hurried a throw to Zeigler. Pass interference was called on the play, which was then challenged by Buffalo since it was a wobbly throw that looked like it may have been tipped. Officials however upheld the ruling, giving the 49ers a first down at the Bills 35. Two Gore runs picked up eight yards, setting up a 3rd and 2 which he converted with a 3-yard sweep to his left. Gore hurdled traffic and the ball came out as he hit the ground. Buffalo challenged the play and won as officials ruled that Gore was never down by contact, and that it was a fumble. .

The Bills took over at their own 18 with 3:47 to go with Lynch immediately moving the chains with a 14-yard run. The Bills then overcame a holding penalty and a sack by Parys Harlason with a 17-yard completion from Losman to Schouman, moving Buffalo out to the 45. The third quarter came to an end with a 7-yard carry by Lynch.


**Losman converted on another 3rd and 9 with a 14-yard throw to Reed. A short throw to Schouman than picked up another 13 yards, down to the 49ers 15-yardline. On a 2nd and 9 play, Losman got the ball to Schouman, but Spikes forced a fumble. Buffalo recovered, leading to a 3rd and 1. The Bills stopped Buffalo for a loss of 1, but they opted to go for it on 4th ad 2. With pressure coming from the 49ers defensive front, Losman threw a hurried pass that bounced incomplete.

Gore took some initial hits at the line of scrimmage, but kept fighting and ended up with a 12-yard carry to move the chains. A fumbled snap, followed by a sack and fumble that fortunately Billy Bajema recovered, led to a 3rd and 22 play back at the 49ers own 8-yardline. Gore was stopped for no gain, causing Lee to punt from his own end zone.

Parrish caused a few players to miss and got the ball back to his 41-yardline. An unnecessary roughness penalty on Keith Lewis added another 15 yards to the Bills, setting them up at the 25 with just over seven minutes left to play. The defense ended the Bills offensive efforts with a sack by Justin Smith, bringing on Lindell for a 40-yard field goal that hit the uprights for another miss.

The 49ers took over on downs at their own 30. Gore gained six yards on his first two carries, with Hill then getting the ball to Bruce on a 3rd and 4 play, earning a first down at the 47-yardline. Gore picked up another two yards, but J. Hill was then stopped for a loss of four on an end around. On 3rd and 8, Hill scrambled to buy time and then took a sack so that the clock would continue to run down to the two-minute warning.

Lee's 51-yard punt was caught by Parrish at the 15 and advanced to the 19-yardline.

Following a drop by Lynch, Justin Smith sacked Losman for a loss of 5. After an incompletion, Losman threw a short pass to Lynch on a 4th and 15 play that gained only one yard.

The 49ers took over on downs and took a couple of knees to end the game.

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