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49ers Award Santa Rosa School District Coach and Player of the Week

This week's Charlie Wedemeyer Memorial Coach of the Week and the 49ers High School Player of the Week awards will be presented to the schools of the Santa Rosa City Schools District who were directly affected by the recent Northern California Wildfires.

With high school sports throughout the Bay Area being postponed in the wake of this terrible disaster, the 49ers would like to donate this week's grants to the relief efforts.

As the sun came up on October 9, 2017 the first of many wildfires wreaked havoc on Santa Rosa and was deemed an emergency right away.

Because of these wildfires, Santa Rosa City Schools District has been out of school since the 9th and will continue to be cancelled through October 22nd.  Of the 25 schools and over 16,000 students, the district has lost one of their elementary schools, Hidden Valley Satellite Elementary School, 70 teachers and staff have no home to come back to and almost 230 student addresses in the district have lost their homes. 

"The community has been traumatized," said Santa Rosa City Schools District Communication Coordinator Beth Berk.

In addition to the 100's of thousands of dollars and truck loads of relief supplies donated by the 49ers and the Bay Area's professional sports teams, we know that the need for support is immense and every donation helps.

"In the next month, the families in our community are going to need financial support to begin to get their lives back on track. The generosity of the 49ers through this grant as well as the contributions from the Bay Area community will directly support the coming financial need," explained Beth Berk.

If you would like to help, please go to and make a donation to help out the thousands of people affected by this disaster. 

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