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3 Evaluations of 49ers Rookies from HC Kyle Shanahan

Kyle Shanahan's daily trip to the podium featured a few updates on this year's rookie class. The San Francisco 49ers have several first-year players who have been grabbing headlines. Shanahan shared his evaluation of these notable names, with the caveat that it's far too soon to take these comments as anything more than early observations.1. LB Reuben Foster

Foster now has three interceptions in four practices. Monday's takeaway, which came on a play-action pass, was Shanahan's favorite. Apparently the 49ers offense ran a similar play on Sunday, and Foster bit hard on the play fake.

According to Shanahan, Foster committed to the run, blew up the fullback and went searching for the running back before realizing it was a pass play. That led to a receiver running wide open behind him. On Monday, Foster read play-action correctly and made a play on the football. 

"The one he got today I was probably the most excited," Shanahan said. "He had the same play today and he didn't fill up in the run, and he dropped back and got a pick. So, it's just, one play he got beat on bad yesterday and today we ran the same play at him and he got an interception off of it. That's what you want to see."2. DL Solomon Thomas

Shanahan reiterated that it's far too soon for any grand analysis of Thomas' play thus far. It is only his first week in the NFL, after all. It's a long month and the 49ers are going to give Thomas ample time before grading his play.

Still, the coach went on to explain what he's seen so far from the third-overall pick.

"He had a real good pass rush in the first one-on-one, doubled a guy up, got right to the quarterback," Shanahan said. "You can see the quickness that we saw on tape with his feet and everything. He's still trying to get used to the scheme and play against some different type of personnel, but he's definitely making some plays out there that you can see. And he's definitely having some plays where it's like, 'Alright, it was his second day. Just be patient.'"3. QB C.J. Beathard

People on social media have been eager for an update on the team's third-round quarterback. Shanahan has been impressed by the way Beathard has been able to process information, both in meetings and on the practice field.

"He'll play in that pocket with a lot of people around him and he can get through progression," Shanahan said. "He's a very quick thinker. He'll react and let it rip. He prepares very hard. He is very intelligent. There's a knack that certain people have in the pocket where they don't sit there and just freeze – paralysis by analysis. That's one thing we saw in C.J. in college, and the more he gets comfortable with the offense and stuff, he's shown it already, but the more reps and stuff he gets, that's one of his huge strengths."

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