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20 Questions with 49ers LT Joe Staley

Get to know San Francisco 49ers left tackle Joe Staley in this fun Q&A.

1. What's your guilty pleasure TV show?

"The Challenge" on MTV. I watch it with my wife. She's really into it, too. I also love baking shows.

2. Which actor would play you in a movie about your life?

Rob Riggle – cause he's loud and funny.

3. Which Marvel superhero would you be?

Spiderman. When I was a kid I used to pretend I could shoot webs out of my hands. I'd walk around the house shooting webs at everyone.

4. What would your teenage self find coolest about playing in the NFL?

The fact that I'm a professional football player.

5. What super power would you pick if you could pick one?

Flying. I think it would be really freeing to be able to fly.

6. Which TV/movie character do you identify with most?

Larry David from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" – cause he says a lot of things sarcastically. He's very sarcastic, and I think I'm very sarcastic.

7. What is your favorite random fact?

Did you know that 64 percent of all statistics are made up? That's a fact.

8. What is your hottest take that would be unpopular with a majority of people?

Harry Potter is trash. If you're an adult human being and you watch "Harry Potter" – I think that's weird. That's like a grown adult reading "Captain Underpants." I don't even think that's a hot take, but I guess it is.

9. What is your favorite conspiracy theory?

The government for sure killed J.F.K.

10. How would you rate your cooking ability 1-10? Best dish?

I'd say a 5 – middle of the road. I can cook but I don't cook a lot. I know what I'm doing, and I can follow recipes really well. I like to grill, you know, dude stuff.

11. Who is your favorite offensive lineman of all time?

I was always in awe of Larry Allen. He's the only offensive lineman I knew about when I switched to tackle in college. Playing with him my rookie year was really cool for me.

12. If you could know the absolute truth to one question, what would that question be?

Who built the pyramids?

13. What's something that you get way too excited about that most people would find odd?

Baseball cards. Collecting trading cards is my passion.

14. Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

Barry Sanders – cause he played for the Lions, and I'm from Michigan.

15. Is there anything that you see from your younger teammates that makes you feel old?

Literally everything they do every single day. There's not a day or a second that goes by where I feel like, "Wow these are my peers."

16. What is something that is significantly improved since you got drafted?

The food in our cafeteria is way better.

17. What is your favorite part about being an offensive lineman?

Being able to eat whatever you want because you have to keep weight on.

18. Who is your favorite teammate ever?

Frank Gore. He's the hardest worker I've ever been around. He's a Hall of Famer – first ballot.

19. Who is the best trash talker you've ever come across?

That's one of the most overstated things about the NFL. Everyone thinks that people talk trash all the time. Nobody talks trash. It's really just defensive backs and receivers. I don't talk trash ever.

20. What is your favorite movie that you watch with your kids?

I really like "Moana." That's a really good movie.