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20 Questions: FB Moran Norris



Fullback Moran Norris figures to be an integral part of the 49ers rushing attack this season. stole a few minutes with Frank Gore's lead blocker to see if he could take on some off-beat questions the way he takes on opposing linebackers. **

1. Which teammate of yours would do the best job as President of the United States?

Manny Lawson.

2. What was the last song you played in your car?

"My Block" by Scarface.

3. Coke or Pepsi?


4. What is the oddest pregame ritual you have seen a teammate do?

I saw someone hit their head against the goal post to get themselves fired up.

5. What would a movie about yourself be like?

It would be like Troy or one of those gladiator movies.

6.  Who stars as the love interest?

My wife would star as the love interest, of course!

7. What is your favorite reality T.V. show

My wife has me watching "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

8. What was your first car?

A Suzuki Sidekick four-door.

9. What is your favorite pregame meal?


I always eat wheat pasta, with marinara sauce and a grilled chicken breast.

10. Who has the best football uniforms?

The San Francisco 49ers!

11. Which teammate is the best at Madden?

Frank Gore.

12. What's your biggest pet peeve?

When somebody gets a good block on me and they talk smack.  I hate that.

13. What is your favorite Coach Singletary quote?

I'd say all of his keys to success which are posted outside the locker room and in our meeting room.  They are the five key points of being a champion.

14. Superman or Batman?


15. Dodgeball or Kickball?


16. Barbecue or Seafood?


17. Text Message or Phone Call?

Phone Call.

18. Who is your favorite fullback of all-time?

Sam Gash. I also liked my running backs coach Tom Rathman. I was younger when he played, but I've seen bits and pieces of his playing days and he was a great fullback.

19. Out of all your blocks, which one stands out to you the most?

In high school I hit a linebacker so hard he was out of the game. That was the first time I remember hitting someone so hard.

*20. If you could have any job for one day what would it be?

I'd be President of the United States.

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