19 Head Coaches in San Francisco 49ers History

San Francisco has named Chip Kelly its 19th different leading man since its first season of football in 1946.

The San Francisco 49ers reached back into their head-coaching past when they pegged the man on Wednesday to lead the franchise into the future.

Jim Tomsula became the team's 19th coach in its history four years after he served as the organization's 17th coach for one game on an interim basis. Think of Tomsula as the 49ers version of Grover Cleveland, who was the 22nd and 24th President of the United States.

Below is the complete list and timeline of every coach in San Francisco's storied history.

1: Buck Shaw Buck Shaw
Years coached: 1946-1954
Record: 114-71
Position before: Head coach, Cal
Position after: Head coach, Philadelphia Eagles

2. Red Strader
Years coached: 1955
Record: 4-8
Position before: Assistant coach, 49ers

3. Frankie Albert
Years coached: 1956-1958
Record: 19-16
Position before: Player, coach, scout, 49ers

4. Red Hickey
Years coached: 1959-1963
Record: 27-27-1
Position before: Assistant coach, 49ers
Position after: Assistant coach, Dallas Cowboys

5. Jack Christiansen
Years coached: 1963-1967
Record: 26-38
Position before: Assistant coach, 49ers
Position after: Head coach, Stanford


6. Dick Nolan
Years coached: 1968-1975
Record: 54-53-5
Position before: Defensive coordinator, Dallas Cowboys
Position after: Assistant coach, New Orleans Saints 


7. Monte Clark 
Years coached: 1976
Record: 8-6
Position before: Offensive coordinator, Miami Dolphins
Position after: Head coach, Detroit Lions

8. Ken Meyer
Years coached: 1977
Record: 5-9
Position before: Offensive coordinator, Los Angeles Rams
Position after: Offensive coordinator, Chicago Bears 

9. Pete McCulley
Years coached: 1978
Record: 1-8
Position before: Wide receivers coach, Washington Redskins
Position after: Assistant coach, New York Jets


10. Fred O'Connor (interim)
Years coached: 1978
Record: 1-6
Position before: Offensive coordinator, 49ers
Position after: Assistant coach, Washington Redskins

11. Bill Walsh
Years coached: 1979-1988
Record: 92-59-1 (three Super Bowl titles)
Position before: Head coach, Stanford
Position after: Head coach, Stanford


12. George Seifert
Years coached: 1989-1996
Record: 98-30 (two Super Bowl titles)
Position before: Defensive coordinator, 49ers
Position after: Head coach, Carolina Panthers 


13. Steve Mariucci
Years coached: 1997-2002
Record: 57-39
Position before: Head coach, Cal
Position after: Head coach, Detroit Lions


14. Dennis Erickson
Years coached: 2003-2004
Record: 9-23
Position before: Head coach, Oregon State
Position after: Head coach, Idaho 


15. Mike Nolan
Years coached: 2005-2008
Record: 18-37
Position before: Defensive coordinator, Baltimore Ravens
Position after: Defensive coordinator, Denver Broncos


16. Mike Singletary
Years coached: 2008-2010
Record: 18-22
Position before: Assistant head coach/linebackers coach, 49ers
Position after: Special assistant to the head coach/linebackers coach, Minnesota Vikings 


17. Jim Tomsula (interim)
Years coached: 2010
Record: 1-0
Position before: Defensive line coach, 49ers
Position after: Defensive line coach, 49ers

18. Jim HarbaughYears coached: 2011-2014
Record: 44-19-1
Position before: Head coach, Stanford
Position after: Head coach, Michigan


19. Jim Tomsula
Years coached: 2015-Present
Record: TBD
Position before: Defensive line coach, 49ers

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