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11 Noteworthy Player Evaluations from 49ers GM John Lynch

A recent interview with KNBR provided insight as to how John Lynch views several prominent players on the San Francisco 49ers roster. The general manager's evaluations covered everyone from an impressive undrafted free agent to the team's most tenured stars. 

Here are all of Lynch's noteworthy player-related quotes.1. TE George Kittle

"He's really flashed. He's got some suddenness to him in his movements. He catches the ball extremely well. George gives us something we don't have as a playmaker down in the red zone. He is that guy who can win 1-on-1. He can impose his will and out-athlete people. He's exceeded our expectations."2. LB Malcolm Smith

"A lot of people, for whatever reason, thought we overpaid for him. But we needed a linebacker who has been in this system before. He's exceeded my expectations in terms of his athleticism and how he moves out there."3. CB Rashard Robinson

"I didn't know much about Rashard Robinson, but when you looked at him during OTAs, he looked like a No. 1 corner. That was certainly a position of need and of concern for us. Rashard has made us feel a lot better about that position."4. LB Elvis Dumervil

"I played with Elvis Dumervil. Now the question is, in this stage of his career, is he going to bring what I knew of him? We tend to think that he's had a couple bad years with health. At the end of last year we saw a guy who was getting healthy which is why we made the move with him."

5. RB Joe Williams

"With Joe Williams, at first it wasn't great because I don't think he was in the type of shape that he needed to be in. But the last week you started to see the guy we saw on film."6. S Lorenzo Jerome

"We're intrigued (by him). There's always the question, 'OK he went to St. Francis, Division I FCS, how does that translate to (the NFL)?' But I played with Ronde Barber, and the ball always just found him. What you realized after a while is that it's not finding him, he's finding it. That's the way (Jerome) has been out here. I think he led our team during OTAs in interceptions. … We're excited to see if he can do enough to make this team."7. LB NaVorro Bowman

"I've been a great admirer of NaVorro from afar during my broadcast duties. He's come back from two injuries that are very hard to come back from. We've been pleasantly surprised with the way he's moving around out here.

"I always remembered NaVorro as a 3-4 linebacker, who is at his best when he's blitzing the quarterback. Not that those things aren't a part of this scheme, but we're going to ask him to back up in zone coverage and then go attack. He's making a strong case for himself by the way he's working out and leading. That's going to be a really competitive position.

"NaVorro is having a great offseason, and he's got to continue that. In the preseason, we expect to play him. … We need to see what we have as a team, and NaVorro is a part of that."8. QB Pierre Garçon

"We wouldn't have brought him in if we didn't think (he could win games). He's played good football in this league. His biggest challenge has been staying healthy. … He's familiar with Kyle's system. We were excited when we were able to secure him. We're excited to see Brian play."

9. WR Trent Taylor "Trent Taylor is exactly what we thought he'd be. He can flat out separate. You need guys on third down who can go get open. He's a guy we saw on film be able to do that against just about anyone. He's carried that over out here at practice. He's been fun to watch."10. WR Marquise Goodwin

"Kyle Shanahan knows how to use speed more so than any offensive coordinator in this league. I'm excited to see Marquise, a guy who clearly has (speed), be utilized in Kyle's system."11. WR Pierre Garçon

"Pierre brings toughness and professionalism. He's a guy who goes out and you expect to have six-to-eight grabs a game, and he'll do it at a high level. We still feel like he's got a lot left in the tank."

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