Member Only Stands 

Season Ticket Members now have access to seven Season Ticket Member only concessions stands. 

To verify your eligibility, show the attendant your member badge in the 49ers app. Please have your badge ready as you approach the line entrance.


  1. Access the badge by tapping on 'MY BADGE' on the Levi's® Stadium tab. 
  2. You will be asked to tap the screen to verify the background colors switch from gold to redScreenshots will not be permitted. 


3. Please see below for locations of Season Ticket Member Only Stands. Look for the red banners on the concourse. 

Main Concourse

  • Stadium Favorites Stand 105
  • Links Stand 109
  • Stadium Favorites Stand 126
  • Tenders & Fries Stand 132
  • Tenders & Fries Stand 144

Zenni Zone (Upper Concourse)

  • Tostitos/Pepsi Fan Deck Stand 305
  • Stadium Favorites/ Bud Light Patio Stand 325 

Please note, you are not required to go to a Season Ticket Member Only Stand to redeem the Member Inclusive Menu (MIM) benefit. This benefit is available at any eligible stand using Scan & Pay. As a reminder, the benefit ends midway through the 3rd quarter

Should you have any questions, please reach out to us directly at