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49ers Launch "49ers Cares" to Support Major Community Initiatives in Santa Clara

In honor of the 10-year anniversary of Levi's® Stadium opening in Santa Clara, today the San Francisco 49ers are launching 49ers Cares About Santa Clara, or "49ers Cares" – an organization-wide effort to provide its neighbors in Santa Clara with outstanding community support and life-changing opportunities. The 49ers have made tremendous investments in Santa Clara since moving to the area in 2014, and this effort continues their off-the-field focus on being responsible members of the community.

The team has launched a website detailing their investments to date into Santa Clara, including contributions to charitable causes, fostering community programs and partnerships, functioning as a community event space, leading environmental efforts, and driving economic development in Santa Clara. The highlights include over $11 million contributed to the Santa Clara Unified School District to provide STEM opportunities to Santa Clara students. Revenue from each and every 49ers ticket sold at the stadium has gone toward supporting Youth and Seniors programs in the City of Santa Clara, totaling over $2 million since 2014. The team has supported co-ed sports camps, which have benefited close to 50,000 local female student-athletes. The 49ers have also donated hundreds of thousands of meals to families in need. The organization has also sponsored trash pick-up efforts to ensure the neighborhood is clean, and donated thousands of books, as well as clothing and other essentials.

"Santa Clara is an exceptional city to be a part of, and we hope that 49ers Cares will be an extension and a culmination of the work we have done to be a force for good in this community," said Ellie Caple, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, San Francisco 49ers. "This is an exciting opportunity for our organization to drive more impact, and ensure our neighbors have the support and resources they need to succeed."

While the organization is proud of the work it has done to date in the Santa Clara community, the 49ers are committed to doing more. The 49ers will be contributing more than $250,000 annually to Santa Clara programs, totaling $5 million over the lifetime of the stadium.

The inaugural donations pledged by the team include $100,000 to the Santa Clara Swim Club to provide youth with outstanding coaching and opportunities for athletic development, and $50,000 to the Bill Wilson Center, which serves vulnerable youth in the Santa Clara community. Another $50,000 will be allocated in conjunction with the City of Santa Clara's Community Grants Program, with additional $50,000 in funds to be released throughout the year by the 49ers to other worthy Santa Clara causes. To learn more about "49ers Cares," visit the program website.

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